US fuels Ukraine war while trying to slander Russia

TEHRAN, Feb. 19 (MNA) – Washington is trying to justify its actions aimed at exacerbating the Ukraine crisis by accusing Russia of alleged crimes in Ukraine, Russian Ambassador to the United States said.

Harris alleged at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday that "there is no doubt" that Russia has committed "crimes against humanity" in Ukraine and said that those involved "will be held to account."

"There is no doubt that the purpose of such attacks is to justify Washington’s own actions to fuel the Ukrainian crisis. First of all, it concerns the rampant militarization of the Kyiv regime. At one point the Americans said that they would supply the republic with only defensive weapons, but now ship heavy armored vehicles, artillery, and multiple launch rocket systems with long-range munitions. The U.S. provides intelligence to Kyiv Nazis, and trains militants," Antonov said, commenting on the US vice president’s allegations.

He emphasized that officials in Washington are ignoring the use of prohibited indiscriminate ammunition by the armed forces of Ukraine, "which are delivered there in huge quantities."

"Washington prefers not to notice the horrific scenes of the shootings of unarmed captured Russian soldiers. It forgot about the bloodcurdling burning of people at the Trade Union Building in Odessa in 2014," Antonov said, adding that the US has been ignoring attacks against civilians in Donbass for many years.

Earlier this month, the Russian ambassador emphasized that Russia is determined to work toward the creation of a democratic world order based on equality and respect for international law, where conditions will exist for the fair development of all countries and where national interests will be respected.

Antonov has stressed that the plans of Western countries "to inflict a strategic defeat" on Russia have failed, Sputnik reported.

Western countries ramped up their military support for Ukraine after Russia launched its special military operation on February 24, 2022. In April 2022, Moscow sent a note to NATO member states condemning their military assistance to Kyiv. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has warned that any arms shipments on Ukrainian territory would be "legitimate targets" for Russian forces.


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