IAEA politicization and principled action of Iran

TEHRAN, Jun. 11 (MNA) – Following the non-constructive approach of the IAEA and the lack of goodwill in its interactions with Iran, AEOI, in a principled and prudent action, cut off the IAEA's extra-camera cameras in one of Iran's nuclear centers.

The following points are noteworthy in this regard:

1- The decision of the Atomic Energy Organization to cut off the IAEA cameras in implementing the provisions of the Strategic Law of the Islamic Consultative Assembly has been taken and has a legal basis to defend the interests of the nation. So far, part of the cooperation with the IAEA has been beyond safeguards, although it is not part of Iran's commitments, it has been done only for the sake of showing good faith. According to a spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization, the recording of such activities by IAEA cameras and on-line richness meters or flowmeters is one of Iran's extra-judicial measures.

2- Unfortunately, despite the positive and constructive interaction of Iran, the recent activities of the International Atomic Energy Agency are based on non-technical and purely political approaches and in the interests of the United States and several European countries and are influenced by the Zionist regime. It has not done so but has considered extra-staffing and voluntary actions as Iran's duty.

3- The visit of the Director-General of the IAEA to Israel in order to put pressure on Iran is due to his misunderstanding and miscalculation, and this disgraceful act will never be erased from the memory of the Iranian people. Although the Israeli regime is not a member of the NTP, with its numerous nuclear warheads it is undoubtedly a serious security threat to the world. Unfortunately, Rafael Mariano Grossi proved by this action that he is under pressure from the Zionist lobby and the United States to make a decision.

4. The United States, which has violated its international obligations by withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and neglecting the UN Security Council, and the three European countries that have failed to live up to their responsibilities to lift sanctions against Iran, are using the IAEA to cover up their mistakes. At the same time, Iran is moving in the direction of neutralizing the sanctions and, while trying to lift the sanctions, is not willing to give up its inalienable rights. Mr Grossi should not be allowed to use the IAEA as a tool to pressure Iran to pursue its own interests. Certainly, the resolution against Iran will only discredit the IAEA and will not affect Iran's strategic decisions.

5. The Islamic Republic of Iran has shown in practice that it has complied with the protocols of the IAEA and has been at the forefront of many other countries in this direction. At this stage, too, Iran has adhered to its commitments, keeping about 80 percent of its surveillance cameras sufficiently active, and maintaining a policy of cooperation with the IAEA. It is natural that the continuation of this cooperation is directly related to the future approach of the IAEA, and if political behavior continues, Iran will also consider new measures. In fact, the basis of Iran's future interaction with the IAEA will be based on mutual cooperation and in the direction of securing its legitimate nuclear interests.

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