Iran fully receives oil money: Owji

TEHRAN, Mar. 20 (MNA) – Stating that Iran's oil exports took an upward trend since the new administration took office, Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji said that the oil revenues from oil exports are fully received in the 13th administration.

Speaking with Fars News Agency, Owji said as soon as the Raiesi administration took office, “we mobilized all our capacities to sell Iranian oil, and I would like to thank the Counter-Sanctions Headquarters and the leaders of the three branches, and especially the President himself.”

“We used different capacities, solutions and contract models to be able to export oil. Thank God, from the first months of the thirteenth administration, Iran's oil exports took an upward trend,” he said.

"The enemy did not make any concessions in its sanctions, and they only got worse and were extended to the Iranian ships and there were attempts to capture our vessels by the Americans," the minister said.

“The American attack on the ship carrying Iranian oil was reported in only one or two cases, but it happened in several other cases as well. Fortunately, the armed forces, especially the IRGC navy, did not allow the enemy to succeed in this area.”

Since the beginning of the thirteenth administration, both in terms of volume and in terms of value and revenue collection, the situation of Iranian oil exports has greatly improved, Owji went on to add. “In terms of volume, our exports of gas condensate have tripled and even in some months, exports have increased up to four times.”

“On the other hand, the price of oil has risen to an unprecedented level in the last month or two, all of which has led to an improvement in the country's hard currency earnings. This is the promise that God has made to His servants that you move, and I bless you.”

Asked if Iran's oil revenue is collected, the Iranian Minister of Petroleum said, “Not only are the oil revenues from oil exports fully received in the 13th administration, but we have also revived the annual revenues. The situation has improved not only in the oil sector but also in the gas export sector. Last year, Iran sold a total of $1.27 billion worth of gas, but this year it has exported more than $4.6 billion and fully collected its revenues, while the volume of Iranian gas exports will also increase this year.”


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