Imam Khomeini's 'earthquake' shattered Zionists' plots

TEHRAN, Jun. 04 (MNA) – Firas Al Najim, manager of CD4HR, says late Imam Khomeini caused an 'earthquake' that shattered Zionists' plots for the West Asian region.

The 32nd anniversary of the demise of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran will be held on Friday. He is known to many global figures and enjoys different characteristics that differentiate him from other world leaders. His difference from the others can be seen in the interpretation of his stances and views in the speeches of the world's great figures.

He is the founder of the Revolution and the school of thought that has crossed geographical boundaries and has become an important discourse. The Revolution founded by him has not been limited to Iran and its effects can be seen in the region and other parts of the world.

Political figures and elites around the world, regardless of their different viewpoints and even their opposition to the Islamic Revolution of Iran, have not been able to ignore the important and influential role of Ayatollah Khomeini.

On this occasion, Mehr News Agency has reached out to the head of Canadian Defenders for Human Rights, Firas Al Najim. 

Here is the full text of the statement: 

An Israeli leader described the Islamic revolution as an "earthquake of the century". What have been the effects of the Imam Khomeini-lead revolution in the region that worried Israelis?

Imam Khomeini (Ra) erupted earthquakes and volcanoes that disrupted the hegemonic powers and their servants not only in the Middle East but the whole world and Ben Gurion was quite correct in his analysis on describing the Islamic Revolution as the earthquake of the century. The Zionists thought that they would eventually control the whole region and plunder all its resources but that plan was broken apart and today we see the results with all the allies of Imam Khomeini’s establishment and especially with the recent victory of the resistance in Gaza that humiliated the Zionist criminal regime. The Zionist regime is always worried about the Iranian leadership and their allies in the world and causes them to always fear the repercussions.

Imam Khomeini's 'earthquake' shattered Zionists' plots
Firas Al Najim, head of Canadian Defenders for Human Rights

What features of the Islamic Revolution have worried the western powers?

The patience and unity of the Iranian nation under the leadership of the Governance of the Jurist also known as Wilayat al Faqi is the main feature that worries the Western powers as in reality they fear this Islamic system that can progress and advance while enduring heavy sanctions and pressures. The military advancements and network of allies that surround the Zionist regime is very worrisome for the western powers as the Zionist lobbies have major control of many Western economies and governments with their influence and bullying. Let’s not forget that the Zionist regime is a central base of intelligence for the West installed in the center of the Middle East.

How do you see the role of Imam Khomeini in uniting the Muslim world?

Imam Khomeini’s main goal was to unite the Muslims from all sects and regions to stand strongly against the enemies of the Islamic nation also known as the Umma and he lived and died for this sacred goal. We see the prosperity of his goals with today’s Sunni powerful Palestinian political party named Hamas that is allied with the Shia powerful political party of lebanon Hezbollah and the Islamic Shia government of Iran. There has been established a powerful Islamic resistance alliance to cleanse the region from the American, British, French and Zionist military presence and control and destined towards the full liberation of the occupied holy lands of Jerusalem and Mecca.

Imam Khomeini always hated compromising with arrogant powers and Zionists and believed in resistance. How has the culture of resistance been able to change the balance of power in the region?

The Resistance in the world has learned from Imam Khomeini’s school of thought that we must remain united and determined in this battle against injustice and the global arrogant powers at all cost till divine victory. The resistance today is speaking much stronger than at any other time and their positions are much more powerful and the future is much more prosperous and we must all be focused on the words and wisdom of the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Sayid Ali Khamenei that learned much from Imam Khomeini and was also a very loyal man to him as well. The resistance will be victorious and honored.

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