US schedules to suspend sanctions, not lift them

TEHRAN, Apr. 20 (MNA) – A source in Vienna said that the US’s schedule was only to suspend sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic of Iran, not to lift them completely.

In case of lifting some sanctions imposed against Islamic Republic of Iran, the United States would extend sanctions to 120- and 180-day intervals.

The United States has no plans to lift sanctions imposed on Iran and intends to lift some of them temporarily over a long period of time.

Press TV news source in Vienna added that the United States has only agreed to a short one-week verification period in which several transactions are symbolically performed.

The United States has not yet accepted the reasonable and necessary verification, which is at least 3 to 6 months for oil transactions.

 The intention of the United States from non-lifting of sanctions and sufficing to the temporary removal of some of sanctions imposed on Iran is merely to return to JCPOA, so that it can use the possibility of a trigger mechanism against Iran, the source added.

If this mechanism is accepted, lifting of sanctions and/or extension of their ineffectiveness in 120- and 180-day periods, in addition to conditioning Iran's economy, the United States will be able to take hostage the extension of lifting of sanctions and also to impose its other demands called JCPOA 2 and 3 on the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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