Secret behind success of Azeri youth in liberating Karabakh

TEHRAN, Nov. 17 (MNA) – The conflict erupted between Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh region caused to mention one of the main components behind victory of Azerbaijani army over Armenian forces.

A component that could disrupt all the calculations of Armenians and paved the way for territorial victories of Azeri people.

According to local and foreign media outlets, the youth of the Azerbaijan Republic managed to liberate their occupied lands and territories after 30 years, the issue of which is a valuable event for the government and nation of Azerbaijan.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is the second Shiite country in the world that enemies of Islam have made sinister and malicious plans against this country. Based on the available documents, it can be said that Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was designed and orchestrated before the collapse of the Soviet Union to prevent unification between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan; an issue that was planned in the Western world and other regional major powers were looking at it with great interest because Nagorno-Karabakh conflict could cause influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in South Caucasus region.

Certainly, victory in Nagorno-Karabakh war is due to the sacrifice of the brave and courageous youth, many of whom attended the battlefield voluntarily. Accordingly, Azeri youth lined up against the aggressor enemy by resorting to the teachings of the Shiite School.

According to the sublime guideline of Leader of the Islamic Revolution and Leader of Shia Muslims in the world, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Karabakh is an integral part of land of Islam and every person who is killed in the way of its liberation is called “Martyr”. Blessed are the young people such as Ma'arif Safarov and Sheikh Alamuddin Walishov who followed the right path of Third Infallible Imam of Household of Holy Prophet, Imam Hussein (PBUH) and achieved eternal blessing and were martyred on this way for the sake of God Almighty.

The contemplating point here is that after the martyrdom of Azeri soldiers on the battlefields, people of different regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan held glorious and magnificent ceremonies and buried their martyrs.

The soldiers sometimes held Ashura pilgrimage ceremonies and “SAMAT” prayers to motivate religion and strengthen the military spirit. This issue can convey only one meaning; the impact of Ashura culture and culture of the Islamic Revolution, which many enemies of Islam and Shiism strive to prevent its spread in other nations, especially among the youth of resistance movement in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Republic of Azerbaijan.

In the meantime, the role of some secular governments in the region as well as colonial governments, cannot be ignored in this regard. By designing anti-religious and anti-Islamic plans, they (secular and colonial governments) have been seeking to create divisions and discords among Islamic societies for years to prevent the growth of political Islam and pure Islam.


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