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Nujaba Sec.Gen. :

Resistance not to operate against diplomatic, civilian

 Resistance not to operate against diplomatic, civilian

TEHRAN, Sep. 27 (MNA) – Emphasizing on the adherence of Resistance to divine and human principles, Al-Kaabi assured that the Americans have ordered their mercenaries to attack civilian houses around the embassy, to destroy the face of the Resistance.

According to the Nujaba Communication and Media Affairs Center in Iran, the Secretary General issued a seven-point statement, about the anti-occupation operations of Iraqi Resistance Forces, and provided explanations about how they distinguish diplomatic delegations and their places from occupying forces’ positions.

Hujjat al-Islam “Akram Al-Kaabi” by emphasizing the adherence of Resistance Forces to Sharia and ethical principles and national interests pointed out: none of the hostiles can remember that we attacked any civilian targets. It is our clear position that targeting diplomatic delegations is an obvious violation and believe that the safety of diplomatic delegations is essential to improve the relations of other counties with Iraq and this will ensure our country’s prosperity and serving our noble nation.

In addition, while he separated the American occupiers which disguise their criminal activities under the diplomatic appearance and embassy building, reiterated: despite this, the Resistance Groups due to the presence of civilian buildings and government structures in the vicinity of this evil embassy, they have refused to attack.

The Secretary-General of Nujaba then assured that the Americans have ordered their mercenaries which they have trained and equipped them to attack the civilian buildings in the vicinity of their embassy, to provoke public opinion and destroy the face of the Resistance.

Al-Kaabi pointed out this clear truth that what it is called the American embassy, in fact, is a big military base that is positioned between Baghdad’s civilian buildings to protect itself from the Resistance attacks, added: our demand, is closing of the military training camp as well as this embassy which is being used to run chaos in our country and support the illegal armed groups.

He also provided explanations about the differences of normal diplomatic places which by the international diplomatic norms use limited non-military staffs with American embassy hosts numerous military and intelligence assets continued: the American embassy staffs instead of passing through official channels, transits like thieves and murderers and do not respect Iraq’s governance requirements as an independent country.

The Secretary General of Nujaba asked those who do not differentiate the US embassy from other embassies to be fair in maintaining the dignity of their country and ask the US to make the Iraqi embassy in Washington the same as the US embassy in Baghdad in terms of area and number of staff; even without the C-RAM defense system and the other killing equipment that can be found easily in the embassy!

Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi in the final point of his statement wrote: as we have explained our position to our loyal and true friends of this country and awaiting for an honorable position from them, we hope that philanthropists that seeking complete withdrawal of occupiers and put their efforts on that, demand the shutdown of the military and intelligence bases which turned into a safe place for the Zionist’s hit and sabotage squads.


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