Considering Israel's role in downing Iranian Air Bus a 'MUST'

TEHRAN, Jul. 02 (MNA) –An American political analyst believes that the role of Israeli agents in US decision-making centers in downing Iranian passenger jet by US navy is a MUST.

Human rights are the most important achievement that the great powers use to put pressure on other countries to achieve their hegemonic goals. Notably, in recent decades, US involvement in global security issues has led to insecurity, crime, and the killing of innocent people.

Although the US government claims to defend human rights in the international community and has waged wars under the pretext of human rights, in practice human rights for the White House are just a political gesture and a tool of pressure on other nations.

To achieve its goals and interests, the United States has used human rights directly or through other international organizations or regimes to interfere in the affairs of other countries and to violate the national security of various countries, including Iran.

Given that June 26- July 2 in Iran has been considered as American Human Rights Week‍, we reached out to Mark Glenn, American author and journalist to know more about the issue.

Following is the text of our interview with him:

Photo shows pieces of wreckage from Iran Air Airbus A300B2 passenger plane shot down by US Navy guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes over Persian Gulf, July 3, 1988

Iran Air Flight 655 was a scheduled passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai via Bandar Abbas that was shot down on 3 July 1988 by an SM-2MR surface-to-air missile fired from USS Vincennes, a guided-missile cruiser of the United States Navy. The incident, which saddened many Iranians, once again confirmed the falsity of US human rights claims. Despite the mistakes made in the downing of the plane, the crew of USS Vincennes was awarded. What’s your opinion in this regard?

The fact that 200 innocent people lost their lives needlessly and that the US not only refused to apologize for this outrage, but indeed, went the other direction and celebrated the event by giving medals of honor to the crew members responsible for this underscores in a very clear and powerful way the serious moral and rational defects that exist within the American political psyche and the lengths to which these defects result in a posture that simply leaves a sane person speechless.

But we have to remember that America, being after all the younger and less sophisticated sibling of Great Britain, is merely continuing on with a ‘family tradition’ that began centuries ago. The British and their dealings with the Irish, the American Indians, and indeed, with all peoples that encompassed the sprawling breadth of what was the British Empire are historically infamous for instances of state-sponsored brutality that to this very day have gone unanswered. The other aspect to the downing of an Iranian passenger plane by the US that MUST be considered is possible Israeli agents role in the incident like what they did on September 11, 2011

The other aspect to this that MUST be considered is whether or not Israeli agents, which we know are deeply embedded within high-posts in the American military--were able to hijack the missile systems of the Vincennes and cause it to shoot down that airliner in order to get a war started between the US and Iran in the same manner as Israel regime succeeded in hijacking airliners on September 11, 2001 and causing terror attacks that brought the US into the Middle East in what became George W Bush’s ‘War on Terror’. 

Coalition airstrikes have caused most direct civilian casualties in Yemen

The United States, on the one hand, is claiming to protect human rights and, on the other, is itself the biggest violator of human rights. How the United States treats human rights varies from country to country. What do you think about the double standard use of human rights by the United States?

Indeed, there is something unnerving when experiencing the human capacity for hypocrisy, both on an individual and collective level. Obviously a defect only made worse when this hypocrisy grows out of power and influence, the US is not immune to this in any way. Similar to world powers of the past such as Rome, when a nation such as the US has the amount of power that she does--military, economic, political, etc--she doesn’t have to apologise to anyone for anything, no matter how outrageous and flagrant are the abuses she heaps on others, including entire nations, and what’s worse is when such a nation lectures others on issues such as ‘human rights’, as the US is always wont to do. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, this is why the US has not had to answer to anyone else since the end of WWII

I think there is a universal rule that applies here, which is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The US has not had to answer to anyone else since the end of WWII and this has had the effect of rendering her--in a political and cultural sense--deaf and blind to the tidal wave of justice that must at some point rise up against her. Living here in America and watching all of this progress in real time, up close and personal one can see how the fabric of America is coming apart one thread at a time and which will at some point leave the entire body politic exposed and naked.

Minneapolis officer kneels on the neck of a handcuffed man, George Floyd who was pleading that he could not breathe in Minneapolis 

The killing of George Floyd, an unarmed American black man by US police has caused a ripple of protests throughout the country. The action once again demonstrated the institutionalization of racism in the layers of American political structure. Despite US claims as a human rights defender, what do you think is the reason for the racist treatment of blacks by the police of this country?

I do not agree that there is ‘systemic’ racism in America, the obvious proof of this being the fact that our previous president was a black man. There are race problems, that is true, but it is due more to the deliberate destruction of black families and the black community by the corrupt and corrosive culture that has been created by the Zionists and Judaic supremacists who own and run Hollywood. Music, movies and other mind/mood-altering intoxicants in the form of modern entertainment have been beamed directly into the black communities in this country for generations and with terrible results--crime, violence, drugs, prostitution, broken families, broken souls, etc--and therefore the kind of violence we see taking place on the part of the police who are forced to deal with this is unavoidable. Remember, as terrible as the murder of George Floyd was, what we have to consider is the fact that although he may have been unarmed, he was being arrested for committing a crime. Race problems in US are due to the deliberate destruction of black families and community by the corrupt and corrosive culture that has been created by the Zionists and Judaic supremacists who own and run Hollywood

This is not say that improvements cannot be made in the way that the police deal with blacks and other non-white minorities in this country, but before any improvements can be made what must first take place is to remove the corrosive influence of modern entertainment that promotes and propagates the glorification of violence, drugs, sex and other items that have been used in poisoning the minds of those in the black communities in America, and especially the young people.

US Marines secure the Baghdad Embassy Compound in Iraq, January 3, 2020

In recent years, the United States has attacked many countries, including Iraq, and has aggravated the situation in those countries and the region. How do you evaluate these US actions?

Again, we have to remember that there is a ‘political DNA’ component to all of this, which is that the US is the younger and less-sophisticated sibling of the British Empire, which had/has a long history of predatory behavior in its relationships with other countries and especially those that are rich in natural resources. The US is acting as Zion’s attack dog in destroying those countries which the Jewish state has demanded be destroyed

In the case involving the US and Iraq however, it is not as much a war for resources a much as it is the result of powerful Jewish groups and individuals who--first having utilized their influence within the British Empire to resurrect Israel regime via the Balfour Declaration--are now utilizing Britain’s younger and more brash sibling--the US--to act as Zion’s attack dog in destroying those countries which the Jewish state has demanded be destroyed as a precursor to erecting the new empire which Zionism envisions--Pax Judaica--which they hope will rule over not only the entire Middle East, but indeed, the entire world.

US President Trump began reinstating sanctions on Iran in May 2018

Do you think that the measures taken by the United States, the imposition of sanctions on Iran, and the creation of difficult economic conditions for Iranians after its withdrawal from JCPOA are compatible with the claim of this country as a defender of human rights?

Indeed, the paradox is very powerful, i.e. the US as the self-proclaimed ‘protector of human rights’ while at the same time she denies other countries their sovereign rights by forcing them to comply with political/economic demands that in the end work to the detriment of countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran.

However, in getting the clearest picture/best understanding possible of the situation I think it is necessary to crawl inside the mind of those political leaders--including President Trump--who think that sanctions and other hard-knuckle political constructs are needed in maintaining a certain status quo which the US has deemed in her interests.

That America is dependent upon Middle East oil, despite her recent ‘energy independence’ under President Trump is not a matter up for debate. The stability of the entire industrialized world depends upon a relatively ‘stable’ Middle East, and given the fact that instability leads to wars among countries that are nuclear powers, it is a very delicate balance to maintain.

This already delicate line is made all the worse by the fact that there is an entity in the heart of the Middle East--the Jewish state--that THRIVES on regional instability and seeks at every turn to create as much war and upheaval as possible. Added to this already-dangerous situation is the fact that there are powerful countries such as Iran that have taken a principled, firm stand against the cancer to her west known as Israel regime and with that, the result is that this already-volatile situation is made all the more worse. Western countries that centuries ago ceded control of their respective countries’ financial systems to this parasitic entity, Israel now find themselves powerless to act in the best interests of their own people when it comes to the demands of this parasite

And of course, we haven’t even added into this discussion the fact that Israel regime is armed with hundreds of nuclear weapons and has an unbreakable chokehold on the economic/financial levers of the West.

Therefore, the leaders of the West who centuries ago ceded control of their respective countries’ financial systems to this parasitic entity now find themselves powerless to act in the best interests of their own people when it comes to the demands of this parasite, which includes sanctions, war, and all the other methods of economic, military and political coercion that are used against nations such as Iran.

Mark Glenn is an American author and journalist in Idaho who has co-founded Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement, an interfaith forum dedicated to uniting Muslims and Christians against Zionists.

Interview by Zahra Mirzafarjouyan

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