US Police's terrorism revealed inhumane nature of US regime: Iran Parl.

TEHRAN, Jun. 02 (MNA) – Iranian lawmakers issued a statement on Tuesday, slamming the racist behavior of US police against African Americans.

“US Police’s racial terrorism against black people has once again revealed the inhumane nature of the regime,” reads the statement signed by 240 members of the Parliament.

George Floyd is only one among hundreds of African Americans being killed by the US police every year, it added.

The heinous behavior of US police in killing Floyd has led to the hearing of the stifled voice of African Americans across the world who say ‘we cannot breathe’, added the statement.

Black people seek to outcry as Malcolm X that they are victims of Americanism, MPs said, adding, “… victims of the hypocritical system that pretends across the world that it is qualified to tell different states how to run the affairs. This is while it cannot manage its own sludge field.”

“Recent developments have revealed the reality of American human rights. The terrorist president's remarks, threatening to kill American protesters, show that people in other countries are not the only victims of US state terrorism, but that Americans are the first victims of various forms of terrorism.”

The statement went on to hope that the American people’s movement would succeed and expose the inhumane nature of the US regime. “The Iranian Parliament, together with the freedom-seekers of the world, condemns the brutal murder of George Floyd as the latest symbol of US state police terrorism against blacks and wishes success to the people's movement against this crime,” it concludes.

Nationwide protests have hit US after a white police officer murdered George Floyd last week by putting his knee on Floyd's kneck in front of cameras and people.

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