Significance of scientific methodology in analyzing religion

TEHRAN, Apr. 25 (MNA) – Head of the Johannesburg Islamic Center in South Africa, Seyyed Abdullah Hosseini emphasizes applying the wisdom or good advice provided by the Holy Scripture.


God as the creator of mankind has mentioned in the Quran that the road to the heart of mankind is first through Wisdom, followed by good advice.

Unfortunately, our present scholars are often not applying the wisdom or good advice provided by the Holy Scripture.  

As Coronavirus has given us the Tawfeeq of staying at home and plenty of time to ponder upon over destiny, this is the best opportunity to study more about Islam. 

My approach to Islam is from an intellectual point of view. Where we can prove the basic principles of Islam from a logical and philosophical perspective without referring to the Quran or Sunna. 

This scientific methodology will appeal more to our generation of thinkers. 

The strength of Islam is deep-rooted in the 14th century of intellectualism, pioneered by the Noble Prophet and continued by the great Muslim Philosophers like Farabi, Ibne Sina, Mullah Sadra, and Allama Tabatabai.

This course is not meant for those who don't want to apply intellect to religion. 

This course is meant to answer the 3 basic questions of all human beings.
Where I have come from.
Where I am.
Where I am heading. 

You are not only logically stimulated and informed about the true religion, but you will, in turn, be able to convince any other people who also on a quest for this true path. 

I will share every night one lecture at exactly 21.00  starting from 1st night of Ramadan. You can listen to the lecture and post your question to the group where I will answer them. 

The topics will be the followings

1. Role of wisdom in the quest for true religion.
Introducing wisdom as God's internal prophet.

2. Source of true religion.
Is it fear, ignorance, rulers, or GOD?

3. The necessity of religion. 
If we have wisdom and we can obtain knowledge, why do we require religion?

4. Criteria of the right religion.
If someone wants to choose a religion, what criteria should one apply in order to find the right religion?

5. Process of Systematic Thinking.
Following this process will help you to find the right religion easily and enable you to convince others.

6. Tools of true epistemology.

Wisdom, Nature, experience, 5 senses knowledge, etc..

7. Characteristics of Islamic Cosmology.

8. An introduction to GOD. 
This session will help you to get a glimpse of a deeper understanding of God.

9. The logical argument for the existence of God.

There are 16 logical arguments for the existence of God and we will discuss 2

10. The logical argument for the Unity of God.
The rationale around the unity of God will be presented.

11. Understanding Divine Justice.
Is justice what God does or is it that no GOD follows his own definition of justice.

12. Asharite vs Mutazelite. The impact of the two schools of thought. 

13. Are we pre-destined or are we of free will.

14.  Understanding the meaning of Qaza and Qadar.

15. God's will vs human will and how is the universe managed.

16. Answers to some frequently asked philosophical questions: 

17. If God is just, Why do we have poverty?

18.If God is just why do we suffer oppression?

19. If God is just why does he allow children to be born with disabilities?

20. The existence of evil.  
 If nothing happens without God's will Why God Allows evil things to happen.  Why God Allowed earth Quakes Flood coronavirus to kill innocent human beings. 

20. Four logical characteristics of creation.

1. Difference 
2. Relativity
3. Change
4. Cause and effect

21. Divine justice and its application on Social Justice. 
22. Prophethood. 
23. Infallibility of Prophets.
24. End of Prophethood.
25. How Miracles happens
26. Khilafat after the prophet.
27. GOD plan for the end of Time. 
28. Understanding death. 
29. Quality of heaven and hell.
30. Life condition in the hereafter

May Allah Guide us to the right path

SeyyedAbdullah Hosseini


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