Pompeo knows the real meaning of “disinformation”

TEHRAN, Jun. 26 (MNA) – Mike Pompeo, United States Secretary of State has turned into a symbol of the failure of US foreign policy and in particular, that of Trump’s administration.

Pompeo, who had a key role in US pullout of its nuclear deal with Iran and imposing unilateral sanctions on the country, has now a big challenge ahead as he has no choice other than facing the fact that Iran is “powerful.”
Recently, Pompeo accused Iran of spreading disinformation and said that US would exert unprecedented pressures on Iran if Tehran refuses to hold negotiations.
On Saturday, Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted a series of maps showing where US military drone was shot down by Iran. The maps clearly showed that the location was inside Iran’s territorial waters. In an offensive statement, Pompeo called the maps “childlike”, saying that showing them does not change anything. It seems that Pompeo can no longer hide his anger due to Washington’s continuous failures against Iran. 
Clearly, the harsh tone of Mike Pompeo in this statement is rooted in his own unstable position in US government and the fact that he has failed in his plans against Iran over the last two years.
Obviously, Pompeo’s insults do not deserve a response, but it should be pointed out that US, in fact, better knows the meaning of “disinformation” as they did when they shot down an Iranian passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai in July 1988 and later claimed that they had incorrectly identified the Airbus as an attacking jet fighter.
The airplane was hit when flying over Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf. The attack destroyed the aircraft and killed all 290 people on board, including 66 children.
Just like, Rex W. Tillerson, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and other US officials and secretaries of state, Pompeo also knows the true meaning of spreading “disinformation” and lying when it comes to devising foreign policies.
Every single direct and proxy war started out or encouraged by US all over the world, including Iran-Iraq imposed war, exhibit the cruelty and gravity of US endless crimes against humanity. 
US, once again tries to call the truth “disinformation” and in doing so evade assuming any responsibility for the intentional crimes it has committed all over the world. However, now, people from every part of the world, have their eyes wide open, and they scrutinize every move of Washington leaders with their sharp look.
It was far better for Pompeo to stay silent after the clear and credible statements of Iranian foreign minister because the questionable reputation of Pompeo, and the shameful history of White House, leaves no room for believing any of claims made by US officials.


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      Pimpeo is a big fat liar.he is s christen zionist.very ideolog and dangerous.