Winners of Int’l Noor student competition receive awards

TEHRAN, Apr. 27 (MNA) – The closing ceremony of the 3rd edition of the international Noor School Student Competition of Mustafa (PBUH) Science & Technology Foundation (MSTF) was held Thursday (April 26) at Andisheh Hall, Tehran and winner teams received their awards.

According to MSTF Media, the 3rd round of Noor competition has received works from a total number of 2,107 groups comprised of 4,937 students, from six countries.  The number of works participated in the competition was 1,675 from which 100 works had succeeded to advance to the final phase of the event.

The award ceremony which is also the closing ceremony of the Noor competition opened with a few verses of holy Quran, followed by an opening speech by Mahdi Saffarinia, CEO of MSTF. He welcomed the guests and students who were the winner students, their teachers and families, foreign ambassadors and some Iranian officials, including Iran’s Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari.

Esfandiar Motamedi, a veteran Iranian physics teacher and a senior member of The Union of Educational and Scientific Associations of Iranian Physics Teachers was the next speaker who stood behind the podium to address the gathering. He emphasized the role of students and teachers who are trying to pave the way for a better life for humanity around the world. Motamedi expressed hope that Iranian students could contribute to the trend while encouraging them to take part in scientific events.

Then, a selection of the students’ scientific tests videos was also screened at the event.

The ceremony included fun scientific entertaining activities designed for the school students at the hall. The first was a scientific test that showed the student how to balloons are exploded with laser beams. And the second was to show the mechanism of hydrogel’s absorbing water.

At the award section, some national and foreign officials handed over the certificates of appreciation to the winners. Cultural attaché of Iraq and the first secretary of Afghanistan embassy in Tehran were among the foreign guests.

Iraqi cultural attaché in Tehran, Yasser Abdul Zahra, handed over the award to representatives of the Iraqi winners.

Tanzanian and Pakistani students who were among the winners also received their awards.

The foreign winners' section was followed by another section in which Iranian student teams were honored and awarded for their scientific efforts.

Hazem Faripour, secretary of Noor School Student Competition and the representative of the jury, gave some explanation on the process of judgment in the competition, calling the decisions to award only 100 teams is a symbolic act to appreciate the student efforts.

He announced that the 4th edition of the competition will begin after the holy month of Ramadhan (June 2019), with the theme of energy and matter.

The official also briefed the audience on the significance of the works of the scientists who were honored in the competition.

Every round of the competition honors a renowned Muslim scientist or scholar based on the theme of the competition. The subject of this round was mechanics, and therefore it was held in commemoration of the prominent Muslim scientist Ibn al-Razzaz al-Jazari on April 26 in Tehran.

Badi az-Zaman Abu l-Izz ibn Ismail ibn ar-Razaz al-Jazari (1136– 1206) was a Muslim polymath, born in Algeria. He was a scholar, inventor, mechanical engineer, artisan, artist and mathematician. He is best known for his works on mechanics. In his work titled The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices, he described 100 mechanical devices.

Prof. Omar Yaghi, the American-Jordanian prominent chemist who is known for his works on nanotechnology, will be the contemporary scientist to be commemorated in the next edition, Faripour said.

The works of the students who participated in the contest were 60-second videos recorded of their scientific issues.

The first and second editions of the international Noor School Student Competition were held respectively in 2015 and 2016.

The distinctive characteristic of the latest round was that the number of teams coming from the western Province of Kurdestan and the southwestern Province of Khuzestan grew significantly, according to Faripour.

MSTF, as the host, was founded with the purpose of creating and strengthening links among scientists and academics of the Muslim countries across the world.


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