Iranians celebrate Nature's Day to bid farewell to Nowruz

TEHRAN, Apr. 02 (MNA) – Iranians are celebrating the National Nature Day today by picnicking and spending time outdoors with their families to bid farewell to the Iranian New Year’s holidays.

Locally known as “Sizdah Bedar”, the national day is held annually on the 13th day of Farvardin, which falls on April 2 in normal years and April 1 in leap years, to mark the end of Nowruz holidays.

The traditional ritual is aimed at promoting humankind’s friendship with nature.

Among the rituals performed during this day are the traditional releasing of sprouting greens, known as 'sabzeh', back into nature to bring good luck. 

Knotting the greenery is also customary for young single people, especially young girls. They tie the blades of the greenery together before discarding it, making a wish and hoping that it would come true in the year head of them.

Persian calendar starts on March 21 every year (March 20 in leap years), when people celebrate the 13-day long holiday to prepare themselves for a great year ahead. 

This year’s Nowruz festivities, however, were marred by devastating natural disasters, including heavy rains and flash floods, in several Iranian provinces, which left dozens of people dead or injured or displaced.

Meanwhile, the government and rescue organizations, along with the armed forces, have stepped up the relief efforts to salvage the damage as fast as possible, and hopefully help the Iranians overcome the current hardships and experience a more serene and prosperous year they had wished for. 


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