Masuleh, the most beautiful stairs village in Iran

TEHRAN, Mar. 25 (MNA) – The stairs village of Masuleh where roofs and streets become one is located in the middle of green mountains of Gilan, northern of Iran. Stairway with a specific architecture, the houses of village are built on each other and the roof of each house is the courtyard of his upper Neighbor. It is one of the most stunningly stairs village in the country.


Masuleh is located 55 km from Rasht in Gilan province. The city is built in a mountainous and forest area on a rocky slope, 1050 meters above sea level. It is one of the most charming parts of Iran, attracting tens of thousands of tourists each year. This historic and tourist city is known for its unique architecture in the world. Masuleh with high mountains and forests is the most touristy areas of northern Iran with many natural effects, especially in the late spring and summer. There are Two hotels inside city and several hotels on the road leading to it where welcome foreign and Iranian tourists.


Masuleh has a unique architecture. The enclosures in front of the houses and roofs are both used as sidewalks. The architecture of this place is so dense that there is no place for the construction of broad streets. The small streets and many stairs simply wouldn't make it possible for vehicles to enter. The roof of each house is the courtyard of its building above.  Buildings usually do not exceed two floors. Houses in Masuleh are yellow or clay-colored so that they can be seen well in the fog, as the city is covered with fog for about one-third of the days of the year. The most important feature of Masuleh is the use of roofing as a route. Residents of the city have agreed on the use of their roofs as a public route, and in fact these spaces are the social courtyard of the people who turn into urban gatherings at various ceremonies and celebrations.


People of Masuleh are non-farmer people who are often engaged in industry or trade. The culture of Masuleh is a mix of Talesh, Khalkhal and Gilaks. Most people in Masuleh are involved in the tourism industry, such as accommodation, tour guide, restaurant, etc. Women are also engaged in the production of handicrafts. One of the most beautiful handicrafts in Gilan, which is unique and popular, is the Masuleh wool doll.


Masouleh is located between Rasht and Zanjan, and its climate has been affected by both cities. On the one hand, the city of Rasht has a moderate and humid climate, and on the other hand Zanjan has a cold climate, therefore, Masuleh has a combination of these two climates, which include cool summers and cold and snowy winters, and its climate is mild and humid in the summer and in a cool and wet winter.

Traditional Bazaar

Bazaar of Masuleh is one of the tourist attractions in Gilan province and the beautiful village of Masuleh. One of the most prominent features of this market is its formation on four completely separate and independent levels of each other, which has been effective in the construction of shops. Tourists can buy Masuleh crafts, souvenirs and traditional items from this bazaar.

Best season to travel

The climate of the region and the pleasant natural environment during the four seasons has made the tourists to choose to travel to Masuleh in all seasons as their destination and visit marvelous scenery.

Tourist and welfare facilities

As a popular tourist destination, Masuleh offers somewhat good facilities to its guests, including restaurants, traditional cafes, shops, hotels, Local houses suitable for travelers.

While the village staggers with an ever-increasing influx of tourists every year, the application to make the thousand-year-old Masuleh a UNESCO World Heritage Site is underway.

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