TEHRAN, August 25 (Mehr News Agency) – The visit of John Bolton to Russia will not adversely affect Moscow’s nuclear cooperation with Iran, but US will pressure Russia to encourage Iran to sign the additional protocol to nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Khorram, an advisor to foreign minister said.

Russia has subjected the supply of nuclear fuel to Iran to the return of its wastes to Russia. The Atomic Energy Agency of Russia is preparing a draft agreement for the return of nuclear fuel wastes to Russia.


The US Undersecretary of State, Bolton has launched his visit to Europe which also includes Russia. 


The International Atomic Energy Agency is going to release its report on Iran within a month. It seems that Bolton’s visit inter alia aims to pressure Russia to reduce its nuclear cooperation with Iran.


Russia will not be impressed by US pressures, Khorram said, adding, the Russians and Americans know well that Iran’s nuclear facilities are meant merely for peaceful purposes.


However, he added, in some cases Moscow will not sacrifice its interests for accompanying Iran, particularly after the US invasion of Iraq.


Russia’s agreement with Iran for the completion of Busher power plant will be implemented and will not be affected by US pressures, he added.


Bolton will not try to convince Russia to stop the Busher power plant, he said adding, Bolton’s main concern is to pressure Iran to sign the additional protocol.


The nuclear fuel waste has a material which makes it hardly useful for production of nuclear weapon, he said.


Regarding the postponement of supply of nuclear fuel to Iran until 2004, he said, we cannot foresee it now. But Russia is encouraging Iran to sign the nuclear waste agreement.







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