Oct 14, 2005, 3:51 PM

TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) -- Kandovan is an extraordinary village where people live in cave dwellings, the Persian service of the Cultural Heritage News (CHN) agency reported on Friday.

Located on steep mountain flank of Sabalan, northwest of Iran, Kandovan village is well known for its exquisite rocky architecture and also mineral water. The landscape of this picturesque village, which has one of the best climate and the cleanest air in the country, is made by volcanic activities.


The inhabitants are such skilled architectures that they manage to carve their houses out of the huge rocks; that is to carve kitchen, hall, and pen out of stone and to make windows for the rooms and later, to decorate them with colorful glasses.


In one word, the village structure is incredibly beautiful.    


It is believed that people who were fleeing from Mongol invaders first came to this village for refuge and then settled here for good. But some archeologists associate it with troglodyte times. Although the first theory is more likely, there is not any conclusive document to prove it.


In an obsolete village near Kandovan called Hilehvar, which is not famous, houses have been made same as Kandovan’s houses with one difference that they are in the underground. In other words, the inhabitants carved the rocks which were at the same level with the ground.


They also carved a place for tallow burner on the walls. Pens are made with trough around them.


It is said that heavy snow forced the inhabitant out to the surrounding villages. Mongol invaders also ruined the entire village.    


Kandovan is home to 670 people whose main occupations are agriculture and animal husbandry.


Kandovan is located 60 kilometers away from Tabriz and 42 from Osku. Visitors can get there with their cars, by buses or take one-day tour organized by the travel agencies in East Azarbaijan Province. Some tourist guide offices have been established by private sector in the entrance of Kandovan to provide the visitors with local leaders.  


There are also 4 inns for visitors to stay in. However, they are in form of rural houses and don’t have adequate facilities. There are lots of shops which sell souvenir, the most significant of which are mineral water and honey.












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