Iranian speaker calls UN to act instead of report on narcotics

TEHRAN, Dec. 04 (MNA) – The Speaker of Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani criticized the UN and NATO for evading their responsibilities in regards to war on drug trafficking.

“The UN should assign fair shares of responsibility between member states to avoid burdening the whole costs of fighting drug trafficking solely on Iran,” said Ali Larijani, the Speaker of Iranian Parliament on Monday.

The Iranian top law-maker made the remarks on the margins of the international conference dubbed 'Parliamentary Members vs. Drugs' underway in Russian capital city of Moscow.

“It should be borne in mind that it is the responsibility of all countries to be sensitive about this issue while the Islamic Republic of Iran has suffered 4,000 martyrs and 13,000 injured in the war on narcotics,” said the legislator from the Qom constituency.

“I suppose that the cooperation between Iran and Russia in the field of fighting drugs is on a good path, especially in this regard that we have exchanged intelligence officers which is good for tracking and striking them,” said Mr. Larijani.

“The NATO is not meeting its obligations in Afghanistan and we insist that Iran and Russia should follow up this case,” noted the law-maker.

“Today at the conference, a UN report on the abnormal situation of narcotics which is expanding was delivered by the UN representative at the event, but the point is that the UN is not a research institute to release descriptive reports, on the contrary it should interfere and make decisions,” he added.

Touching upon his meeting with the Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, Mr. Larijani recounted that the meeting was divided into sections including economy. Iran-Russia economic cooperation has got into diverse areas and in areas like railways there would be more cooperation.

 “Officials from Iranian parliament will stay in Moscow in the next couple of days to attend the meetings of the High Committee of Iran-Russia Economic Cooperation,” said the top MP.

The Iranian parliament speaker highlighted that Iran and Russia are posed to broaden cooperation in security and military areas beside economics. War on terrorism and parliamentary cooperation were also mentioned by Mr. Larijani to be in the agenda of Iran-Russia joint endeavors.

The top law-maker also extended gratitude toward his Russian counterpart for holding the conference on fighting narcotics and drugs. “”I hope they follow up this initiative because today we witnessed broad range of perspectives at the conference,” Mr. Larijani added.

 The Iranian legislator said that there are no shortcomings or flaws in the international regulations dealing with fighting drug trafficking. “What is needed is determination to deal with the roots of the phenomenon which is mainly based in Afghanistan where there are numerous laboratories and NATO should identify and meet its responsibilities,” he called for Europeans’ contribution to the war on narcotics.

 “The UN should play a bold role and I hope a clear-cut road map for continuing war on drug trafficking at its breeding home to be drafted at the end of the conference,” asserted the Iranian top MP.

He also recounted that many strategic and important projects were discussed during the meeting with State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

“About war on terror, there are many countries which continue wording about the issue but only Iran and Russia were the real countries which fought the terrorists and delivered heavy blows to them especially the ISIL in practice,” he touched upon the phenomenon of terrorism.

“Iran gave hand to Iraq in war on terrorism after the official request of this country and this cooperation has been at a level that today there remained almost no terrorist in Iraq,” stressed Mr. Larijani.

“Iran-Russia negotiations on fighting terrorism and expanding joint cooperation on this area are still vigorously in place because terrorist have received blows but have not been completely eradicated and can show up in somewhere else,” said the Iranian head of parliament.

“Since the outset we insisted on resolving the Yemeni crisis through political solution and we called all political parties to form a national unity government but some countries are still after military solution and assuredly they will reap no success and we again underline the need for political solution,” noted the Iranian law-maker.

“The Israelis’ words are nonsense,” he said when asked about the claim that the position of Iranian forces in Syria were hit by Israelis. “It has nothing to do with Iranian forces and they cannot reach the Iranians in Syria,” reassured the Iranian politician.

“The Israelis’ behavior in Syria is course book example of militancy and we condemn it,” he said. “Unfortunately some countries in the region are following adventurism in the region and they will fail in their policies,” ascertained Mr. Larijani.

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