‘Leader’s letter revealed truth to western youth’

TEHRAN, Dec. 02 (MNA) – An Iranian politician marked the second anniversary of Iranian Leader’s letter to European youth saying that the truth seekers are after truth which would bring them peace and tranquility.

“There are two reasons why there is no appropriate understanding of religion in the west,” said Lotfollah Forouzandeh, the Spokesperson of the Society of Devotees of the Islamic Revolution (a political party comprised of the Imposed War veterans) on Saturday.

“The first reason is what the church did in the medieval ages obstructing science and progress, and the second is how the arrogant powers treat the world not letting the people of their countries to have a proper take of religion,” added the politician stressing that the letter of the Iranian Leader drew a clear distinction between true Islam and Takfirist Islam.

Ayatollah Khamenei released an open letter addressing the youth in Europe and North America after the Paris terrorist attacks of 2015, AKA Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Forouzandeh made the remarks on the occasion of the second anniversary of the second letter of the Leader in 2015.

“The westerners’ understanding of religion is what they bear in mind about church Christianity which has formed an anti-religion mentality in them, and that is why the Leader’s letter made a lot of realities exposed,” asserted Mr. Forouzandeh.

“It was the shrewdness off the supreme Leader who figured out the real need of the European youth to learn about religion,” highlighted the Iranian politician.

“The fact is the west of today with all its teleological progress has fallen in regards with humanity and the truth-seeker youth of today are after a pieace of truth which would bring them serenity, hope, and vigor,” said Mr. Forouzandeh.

“The letter of the supreme Leader was a proper response to the needs of the youth of this part of the world,” he added.

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