Disintegration of Iraq, harmful for region: MoD Hatami

TEHRAN, Oct. 03 (MNA) – Brigadier General Hatami the Defense Minister of iran said that Iran is opposed to any measure intended to disintegrate the countries of the region.

“Many are feeling the sensitive situation we are located at right now,” said Brigadier General Amir Hatami, the Iranian Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistical Support. He made the remarks at a ceremony to introduce his second-in-command at the ministry while asserting that Iran is currently going through a critical course of events in the region and the world.

“The deepest and most eloquent description of this situation was made by the Supreme Leader who said that we are currently going through a historical turning point,” highlighted the Iranian top official.

“At this sensitive epoch, the speed, complexity, and objectives of the developments are so diverse and high that confronting tem necessitates preserving, enhancing, and developing internal capabilities,” underlined the Iranian general.

“The defense approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on active deterrence because it is impossible to stay passive and ignorant in dealing with enemies,” he said, “if we do not acquire capacities and capabilities the current or next generation of the society will be wrecked by enemies.”

“Peace, stability, serenity, and security are included in the strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran for all countries of the region,” he maintained, “It is a high goal of the Islamic Republic of Iran in stark contradiction with the goals of the enemies and arrogant powers of the world who seek instability and insecurity of the region at the top of their agenda.”

The Iranian defense minister ‘sincerely and wholeheartedly’ invited the countries of the region to join Iran in creating and preserving peace, stability, and security in the region.

“Cooperation between Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Russia fruited good results in resolving crises in Syria and Iraq,” recounted the Iranian official as a successful example of regional cooperation, “Thank God, a noticeable part of Takfirist movement has been destructed so far and the terrorists’ lives are numbered.”

“We won’t allow any move against the course of regional cooperation in the region,” reiterated the defense minister saying that Iran is categorically opposed to moves against peace and stability in the region.  

“We heed the Iraqi disintegration movement as a harmful trend for the region,” underlined Mr. Hatami, reaffirming Iran’s opposition to any change in borders or disintegration of Iraq, “We would spare no efforts for preserving the territorial integrity and stability of the countries of the region.”

“Today that this destructive movement has gained momentum in Iraq, we will expand our cooperation with the Iraqi government to encounter these moves,” noted the Iranian defense minister.

“Assuredly, efforts to disintegrate countries of the region is the reverse side of the very coin of terrorism,” Mr. Hatami asserted, “and this movement is fed from the same channel which formed, organized, and supported Takfirist terrorism.”

“The perpetrators and agents of Iraq’s disintegration should know that they are playing in favor of US and the Zionist regime,” stated the official, “because the countries of region are in dire need of serenity, stability, and security and any measure opposed to the will of the nations of the region is doomed to failure.”

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