US report on terrorism aims to distort intl. public opinion

TEHRAN, Jul. 20 (MNA) – FM Spokesperson Ghasemi said the report by the US on state of terrorism in the world was a disgrace and an inescapable effort to distort international public opinion on its own role in creating the scourge.

Bahram Ghasemi, Spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in in response to the 2016 US Department of State report on the state of terrorism in the world, in which the Islamic Republic of Iran has been introduced as a sponsor of terrorism, while rejecting validity of the report, deemed it as a futile effort by the US to distort international public opinion on its support and role in creating, expanding and supporting terrorist groups in the world, especially in the Middle East. “The report is a reflection of malicious policies and a ruthless exploitation of any subject to pursue the wrong strategy.”

The report, which, according to its defined structure, should address the situation of countries in countering terrorism and progress in this regard, denies that Iran remains at the forefront of confronting the most dangerous form of terrorism in the region as acknowledged by the whole world and exploits unrealistic and very primitive methods represent intra-structural political contradictions of the US in the form of denying obvious facts and of false allegations.

Ghasemi also stated that the report lacked credibility and adequacy since some of America's regional allies have been introduced as partners of the US in the fight against terrorism while they have been host to main intellectual and ideological roots of major terrorist group in the world for two decades and continue offering financial and military support to terrorist groups and everyone in the US and the rest of the world, including authorities, the media and ordinary people of the United States, are all well aware of the fact. Meanwhile, according to many of the governments and international organizations concerned, the report of Iran's counter-terrorism measures, including the imposition of international sanctions on terrorism, remains at an incomparable level with many US allies in the region.

Iran’s FM spokesperson, pointing out that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been a victim of terrorism over the past four decades and has lost more than 17,000 citizens as a result of crimes committed by various terrorist groups, stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to fight groups and violent extremism as the most important global threat, and will stand beside the Iraqi and Syrian governments in order to fight ISIL and other Takfiri terrorist groups. “To propose false, biased and baseless allegations, such as the recent State Department report, will have no impact on the policy. We regard a world and the Middle East free from terrorism as an achievable goal, and we believe that the objective will be fulfilled if the financial, intellectual and military support of these groups by some regional and trans-regional countries is cut off.

“Other requirements are abandoning artificial military alliances and creating a coalition among all honest governments in the fight against terrorism and showing a serious and honest will to this end,” he concluded.


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