Zarif urges EU to play more active role in settling ME conflicts

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TEHRAN, Jun. 26 (MNA) – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined that UE has to play a more active role in solving Mideast crises.

Zarif made the remarks at the annual meeting of European Council on Foreign Relations on Monday in Berlin, asserting that EU has to realize that it could not buy security at expense of others’ insecurity.

Noting the conflicts underway in Middle East and northern Africa, Zarif lamented that the countries in the region suffer from faults in infrastructures and lack of harmony in population and wealth; “these states have been unable to meet the needs of their societies.”

“The hatred spread by Saudi Arabia is very similar to what ISIL is promoting; security is not buyable and foreign policies are not goods [to sale or purchase]; arm deals do not mean cooperation and security could not be imported,” Zarif regretted.

“European Union has the required values and capacities to help settle the conflicts in Middle East; we are in need of a regional security convention to prevail dialogue over fear and threat,” foreign minister highlighted.

He also touched upon the recent blockade of Qatar by a Saudi-led campaign of Arab countries, condemning the act; “accusing Doha indicates irresponsibility regarding the issues in the region.”



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