All 4 terrorists killed in Parliament

TEHRAN, Jun. 07 (MNA) – A shooting incident has been reported this morning inside Iran's Parliament killing reportedly 7 and injuring about 30.

Four armed men has charged at security officers guarding the front gate of Iranian Parliament this morning, shooting at one guard and fleeing the scene.

The armed men walked to gate one of Iran’s Parliament at about 10:15 AM this morning and charged at the security guards. The armed men shot and injured some of the secuirty guards. No information is yet available of the identity of the shooter. 

Following the attack, the entrance and exit gates to the Parliament’s halls have been closed to reporters, and a number of lawmakers have left to investigate the incident.

It is reported that the three armed men have fled to the north building of parliament where the office of lawmakers is located, and are currently based there.

One of the four attackers has been arrested, According to Hossein Naghavi Hosseini, Spokesman for the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee. 

The other three are still inside the building housing lawmakers’ offices.

The gunmen reportedly were among a protest gathering of depositors of Caspian credit institution in front of the Parliament. One gunman has reportedly opened fire and injured three civilians.

One of the gunmen has been reportedly identified as a suicide bomber and is currently surrounded by security force.

Gunmen have now reportedly taken into the streets around Parliament, opening fire. Civilians are lying on the ground in an attempt to avoid gunshots.

The number of injured has rose to 7 so far.

Other reports say the gunmen have opened fire at people while still inside the parliament’s courtyard.

Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli has issued an order for holding an extraordinary security session in Tehran to investigate the shooting incidents at the Parliament and the Mausoleum of Imam Khomeini.

At least one of the gunmen is reportedly hiding on the second floor of the northern building. Latest reports indicate two of the gunmen have been surrounded by security forces on one of the floors in the parliament.

At least one of the gunmen is reportedly hiding on the second floor of the northern building. Latest reports indicate two of the gunmen have been surrounded by security forces on one of the floors in the parliament.

Deputy Chairman of Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Abolfazl Hassan Beigi, told Mehr News that terrorists opened fire at people on the street from an open window on the fourth floor. During the shooting, eight people were injured and two were killed.

A suicide bomber has blown himself up on the fourth floor.

Ministry of Intelligence has confirmed the two attacks at the Parliament and Imam Khomeini Shrine as terrorist attacks.

The open session of parliament has ended. Lawmakers attended the session despite the ongoing attack outside of the closed doors.

According to unconfirmed reports, ISIL terrorist group has claimed the responsibility of attacks to Parliament and Imam Khomeini shrine.

It is said that one of the attackers has been killed, and one arrested by security forces; the remaining two are reportedly still at large.

Two civilians shot during the attack, one 50 and the other 37 years old, have died at the hospital. 31 injured have been hospitalized so far. 

All lawmakers have left the parliament unharmed. 

No shooting has been heard for more than 20 minutes.

All four terrorists have been reportedly killed and the terrorist operation which started at 10:15 AM ended after about five hours. Two of the terrorists were reportedly killed by blowing up their suicide vests.

Security forces are currently carrying out a cleaning operation inside the parliament building.

According to head of Iran's Center for Emergency Medical Services, the total death toll of the two terrorist attacks is twelve while 42 people have been injured.

All 4 terrorists killed 

A few minutes after IRGC special units entered the parliament building, one of their team managed to infiltrate the upper floors and shoot one of the gunmen dead. 

The IRGC special units quickly got to the upper floors and killed the second terrorist in a surprise attack before the terrorist could detonate his explosive vest. 

The third and fourth terrorists once realizing the presence of security forces and the death of two of their members, blew themselves up by detonating their suicide vests.


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      score one for the good guys. Outstanding! This is great news.