Dropping huge bombs not solution to terrorism in Afghanistan

TEHRAN, Apr. 30 (MNA) – The United States has recently pursued controversial policies in the Afghanistan leading to fanning the flames of tensions in the region and having no major consequences but destruction and chaos.

The military moves taken recently by the United States in the region indicate the puzzlement of Washington and its efforts to find an answer to the problems faced by the country by resorting to military means,

Last week, US  forces dropped the GBU-43 Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb in eastern Nangarhar province, killing 95 militants.

Dropping a 10-ton bomb on al-Qaeda and Daesh terrorists have no military sense as the number of terrorists affiliated with the two terrorist groups in Afghanistan are not that big requiring deployment of such a big bomb against them.

Now in its 16th year, the U.S. war in Afghanistan is poised to escalate, as top leaders in the country call on Washington to increase its military footprint in the nation, both on the ground and in the air.

Afghanistan's Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani reacted positively to comments made by top U.S. military commander in the region General John Nicholson on increasing the size of the troop deployment in the beleaguered country.

About 8,400 U.S. troops are currently in Afghanistan, engaged in training local militias to fight the Taliban and other extremist groups, including Daesh.

U.S. military forces are also routinely called upon to put themselves in harm's way by performing counter-terror missions in the area.

The strike was carried out Daesh terrorist group tunnel complex, carved into a mountain that Afghan forces had tried to assault repeatedly in recent weeks, according to Afghan officials.

Tantamount to treason

On April 15, Afghanistan's former President Hamid Karzai slammed the government in Kabul over a recent U.S. bombardment of suspected Daesh terrorists, saying allowing the U.S. military to use its largest conventional bomb in the country was tantamount to treason.

"If the government has permitted them to do this, that was wrong and it has committed a national treason," Karzai said, adding, "How could you permit Americans to bomb your country with a device equal to an atom bomb?"

Karzai said that the U.S. is using Afghanistan as a weapons testing ground, calling the recent use of the largest-ever non-nuclear bomb "an immense atrocity against the Afghan people."

Karzai, in an interview with The Associated Press, objected to the decision, saying that his country "was used very disrespectfully by the U.S. to test its weapons of mass destruction."

The office of President Ashraf Ghani said following the bomb's usage that there was "close coordination" between the U.S. military and the Afghan government over the operation, and they were careful to prevent any civilian casualties.

Trump called the operation a "very, very successful mission" but Karzai had harsh words for the new U.S. leader.

"My message to President Trump today is that he has committed an immense atrocity against the Afghan people, against fellow human beings," he said. "If the American government sees us as human beings, then they have committed a crime against fellow human beings, but if they treat us as less than human beings, well, of course they can do whatever they want."

Mass protests

Afghan people have staged a demonstration in the capital, Kabul, to protest the recent move by the United States to drop its largest bomb, known as the mother of all bombs, in the country.

Following the U.S. airstrike, Afghan citizens expressed their anger on social media and protested on the streets of the capital on Sunday against the unlawful use of the bomb — which weighed nearly ten tons — and its possible long-term environmental impacts.

Meanwhile, the country’s Ministry of Health has launched an investigation to see whether the bomb has affected the civilian population in the region.

Early reports said children had been deafened by the loud sound of the bomb’s explosion. But there has been no formal confirmation of civilian casualties so far.

Iran condemns US 

Recently, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said that the U.S.' use of unconventional bombs will not boost that country’s national security.

US' use of big and unconventional bombs in Afghanistan is illegal, Shamkhani said, adding that bombing the people of other countries will not strengthen the USnational security.

US and some of its allies’ unilateral and destabilizing measures will only reinforce terrorist groups in the region and will thwart peaceful solutions to end the crises in the region, the official said.

He added that the danger of terrorism and its root causes, including Takfiri thoughts which is propagated by certain regional states, has entangled whole the region in to crisis and prevented progress of Islamic countries.

Analysts believe that using huge bombs (MOAB) in Afghanistan is not a solution to terrorism but can cause severe damage to the lives of ordinary people.

Now what is smelled from these policies is nothing but the man-slaughter and killing of innocent people. The war itself is not a pleasing incident and has no true champion at the end. This is something the U.S. government and authorities should call their attentions to and consider the mutual respects toward nations and their interests instead of formulating warmongering policies toward them.

The point is the that Daesh elements are not residing in a single camp but they are all over in Afghanistan and such bombings could kill many innocent people and deteriorate already disastrous situation in Afghanistan and dropping such huge bombs, terrorists or their supporters cannot be eliminated.

Without doubt, the U.S. bombing would have serious consequences because it will allow the terrorists to get the sympathies of locals by saying that how the Americans and Western world is inimical towards the people of Afghanistan.

Dropping a 10-ton bomb on al-Qaeda and Daesh terrorists is going to have no military sense as the number of terrorists affiliated with the two terrorist groups in Afghanistan are not that big requiring deployment of such a big bomb against them.

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