S Arabia offers no contribution to restoration of regional peace, stability

TEHRAN, Mar. 17 (MNA) – Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson accused Saudi Arabia of raising instability and insecurity in the region, helping terrorist groups in Syria and waging war in Yemen during the past recent years.

"As a regional player, Saudi Arabia did not offer the least contribution to the restoration of peace and stability in the region," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said on Friday, in response to the remarks by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in a meeting with US Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

Saudi fanciful diplomacy is based on lies, Ghasemi stressed, adding Saudi Arabia which is one of the main warmongers against the innocent and defenseless people of Yemen and symbol of terror in Syria, Bahrain and other countries in the region and the world, in "irrelevant claims" in the result of frustration, accuses other countries of the region to support terrorism.

We have repeatedly emphasized that the fight against terrorism and efforts to stabilize the region is not possible, but with determination, cooperation and participation of regional countries, Ghasemi noted, "Iran, as a peaceful actor in this path, is ready for any kind of regional cooperation to stabilize the region."

He pointed to some regional states’ efforts for buying their security through paying petro-dollars and said that the history teaches the countries which are showing green light to foreign players to interfere in the region that they are making a big mistake. "Foreign intervention is always the main cause of instability, division and propagation of terrorism and violence in the region and which never benefits the people of the region," he underlined.

“The countries that seek foreign presence to save their countries are making a strategic mistake and they should know that region’s stability and security has no solution but collective cooperation," Ghasemi concluded.


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