Iran welcomes Beijing's mediation between Tehran, Riyadh

TEHRAN, Mar. 10 (MNA) – The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beijing issued a statement on Friday underlining that Iran appreciates all the reconciliatory efforts aimed to restore Iran-Saudi Arabia ties.

“In addition to appreciating the benevolence of The People's Republic of China (PRC) in offering to mediate between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it should be mentioned that the discord between the two neighboring countries of Iran and Saudi Arabia is rooted in basic disagreements over approaches, actions, and stated and practiced policies,” reads part of the statement issued by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beijing on Friday after the remarks of the Chinese FM offering mediation between Tehran and Riyadh.

“Saudi Arabia has destabilized the region and the world with undertaking and implementing sectarian policies, fueling ethnic and religious discrepancies, and offering material and non-material support to terrorists and Takfirists,” the statement articulates. “The overt intervention of Saudis in the domestic affairs of its neighbors, playing a destabilizing role in the region, and the about-two-year savage aggression to the defenseless people of Yemen, has made Saudi Arabia a destabilizing element irreconcilable with all accepted norms of the world.”

The statement continues that the Islamic Republic of Iran has a good understanding of the critical conditions of the region, and the dire need of all countries to stability and security, and that is why Iran has always sought measures to relieve tensions with neighbors. It asserts that Iran is still hopeful to see some of Muslim states of the region acquire such appreciation.  

“We live in a world where the stability and security of countries are interwoven and interrelated so that no country is able to act in solitary in a crisis-hit region with implementing unilateral and sometimes destructive policies,” the statement reads in part.

“So, the Islamic Republic of Iran, contrary to Saudi Arabia, welcomes all constructive efforts, alike the most recent case of the proposition made by Kuwait’s Emir to establish dialogue and appreciation in the region, and for the same reason, welcomes the constructive role playing of the People Republic of China in the region,” comes in the final passage in the statement.


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