Intifada, 'sole choice by a noble nation to survive'

TEHRAN, Feb. 22 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani underlined that Iran believes in no other way to establish inclusive peace in ME than terminating occupation of Palestine.

President Hassan Rouhani, delivering the closing speech at the Palestine conference in Tehran on Wednesday, hailed the participation of Islamic countries and high-ranking delegations in the two-day event.

He then noted the significant role of Resistance martyrs and paid tribute to them.

President Rouhani touched upon the history of Zionist occupation in Palestine and the history of Palestinian nation's resistance and suffering. 

“Once again Palestinian cause gathered us together to talk about a deep pain, of which the Islamic World has been suffering for over 70 years,” Rouhani told the meeting, underlining that Palestine issue is not a ethnic or national issue, but an indication of insufficiency of international bodies. 

“Western leaders, in order to achieve their imperialist objectives in the region, tried to gain the control of Middle East by altering religious structures and through war and crime,” Rouhani said, adding "in a strategic mistake, they occupied Holy Quds; but the problems of the manipulated regime spread so far to the creators' dominance and affected their beliefs and values as well."

The Muslims, Rouhani added, found the sole way against such occupation and slaughter to be resistance and trying to awake the world to this obvious cruelty; the resistance gradually turned to Intifada making the occupaying regime to draw back.

“The most important objective of Israeli regime today is to represent the current condition as normal; they want the world to believe that Palestinians are refugees without any territory; labeling the resistance as terrorism is also an effort to normalize giving up and compensation,” Rouhani reaffirmed.

He asserted “Israeli regime is seeking normalization of ties with the world; this has no meaning other than ignoring and forgetting all crimes it had committed in Palestine and other Islamic states.”

“Some leaders of the West are like being kidnapped by the Zionist regime; they act like any confrontation with regime is equal to attacking the vital interests of EU and US; the regime has fastened its security to West’s as if its failure means a great threat to World’s security,” the president lamented. 

Rouhani continued “Zionism has made others to believe that it is undefeatable and living in such a condition and giving up hope is their fate; spreading hopelessness is one of the Zionists’ strategies dealing with Palestine and Islamic world.”

“Intifada is the tireless resistance of Palestinian nation; it is a struggle for survive and the sole choice by a noble nation to stay and not to give up,” Rouhani said hailing the resistant nation of Palestin.

President, then, touched upon the turmoil in middle East “extremist and violent thoughts are killing people in the name of religion; Islamic states, instead of putting an end to the crises and slaughter, blame each other and aggravate the condition in benefit of Israeli regime,” and added “Zionism see the conflicts among Muslims as a historical opportunity; they speak of new allies; they want to change the supporters of Palestine to Zionist allies to confront the resistance and its main backer, Islamic Republic.”

He then noted the remarks of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei at the opening of the conference, underling the vitality of the Palestine for Islamic world the necessity to cooperate despite all differences.

Rouhani pointed to the recent developments including resolutions by UNSC and UNESCO commending all who have tried to introduce the Palestinian issue to the world, opening new gates to the issue in political and cultural arenas.

“Today, Palestine’s power is evident in social media to deliver their message of oppression and resistance to the whole world the; now the world is on a rise like an Intifada to support the Palestine and Resistance movement,” said Rouhani.

“Islamic Republic of Iran believes the sole way to establish an inclusive peace in the Middle East is to terminate the occupation of Palestine, return of all refugees and establishing a united Palestinian government through an inclusive referendum, to which the Holy Quds serve as the capital,” president asserted, reaffirming the unwavering support of Iran for the Palestine and Resistance axis.



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