Al Khalifa regime bribes HR organizations into silence

TEHRAN, Jan. 30 (MNA) – Bahraini political activist criticized the international community for its silence over the crimes committed by the Al Khalifa rulers of Bahrain.

Bahrain recently executed three anti-regime Shia activists Sami Mushaima, Abbas Jamil Tahir al-Sami’ and Ali Abdulshahid al-Singace over their alleged role in a 2014 bomb attack, amid widespread public anger against the death verdicts.

The execution of three innocent young Bahrainis provoked wave of protests against the Al Khalifa regime. Thousands of Bahrainis by holding demonstrations in different parts of Bahrain, expressed outrage towards recent unjust and brutal executions.

International and human rights bodies and all popular organizations across the world have attested to the lack of transparency in the unfair trial proceedings of the three Bahraini citizens.

Bahraini political activist with the Public Committee for the Unemployed Hassan Abd al-Nabi elaborated more on the outcomes of suppressing Bahraini activists which is against the human rights principles.

"Unfortunately, the international community only expresses concern in this regard without taking any measure against the regime’s crimes. Some of the countries which claim to be democratic, to defend human rights and to fight terrorism have also remained silent. This is while some of these countries have closed their eyes to the crimes and some of them even support and also sell weapons to Al-Khalifa regime in Bahrain," he underlined.

Abd al-Nabi added that Bahraini rulers use the weapons to oppress and massacre the defenseless people of Bahrain. The attacks against the people of Bahrain have negative impacts on the people of the region in general and Bahrain in particular.

"Al-Khalifa attacks will not remain unanswered and the people of Bahrain will not be fooled by the crimes," he said, adding “At any moment it is possible to re-create a new Arab Spring to overthrow the regimes."

Hassan Abd al-Nabi went on to discuss the role of other countries in stopping the human rights violations in Bahrain. He said “unfortunately, so far no country has taken any steps to stop the criminal acts to reduce crimes against people. Even the countries in the region are inactive to show solidarity with the people of Bahrain.

“This shameful silence will lead to the intensification of the regime’s efforts to continue their support for the dictatorship in the region and in Bahrain,” he noted.

Bahraini political activist called those who claim to defend human rights as traders or dealers fed in the way. "The governments pay bribes and gifts to these organizations to keep them silent and fill their political case with legal awards and titles," he noted adding "in this regard, Prime Minister of Bahrain Prime Minister of Bahrain recently received many awards and gifts, among them ‘Flame of Peace’ in tribute for his humanitarian role to promote global peace and boost relations between people, something completely in contrary to who he really is: “He is the greatest commander of Bahraini bloodthirsty military and security murderers and executioners.”

Hassan Abd al-Nabi is a Bahraini political and media activist. 

Interview by: Lachin Rezaian

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