US young generation seek Russia-Iran in circle of friendship

TEHRAN, Jan. 20 (MNA) – A former US army psychological operation officer and counter-terrorism analyst said American younger generation is by instinct more inclusive and are looking for ways to include Russia-Iran in the circle of friendship, and they voted for Trump largely because of his desire for this also.

Criticizing the US Congress, Scott Bennett said the key to getting a 'yes vote' in the Congressional hearings for the elected secretaries of President Trump is essentially to say nothing and commit to nothing, and smile and nod in 'bobble-head' approval to the puppets in Congress who ask the questions. 

Pointing to the boycott by Democrats of Trump Presidential Inauguration due on Friday, Bennett said it will be celebrated and lamented by many as the death of the Democrat party.

"It will be celebrated by Republicans because it is an “abandonment of the field” by Democrats, and confirmation of an emotional breakdown and child-like tantrum by the Democrats in a desperate attempt to somehow hurt Donald Trump," Bennett said in an exclusive interview with Mehr News Agency:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said he believes US representatives should be invited to the Astana meeting on Syria. Iran rejects any participation by US representatives at the scheduled Syria peace talks in Astana. Do you think Trump will attend the meeting, regarding that he had told during his presidential campaign that Russia and Iran are fighting against ISIL and this is in our interest?

President Trump has said one of his top priorities is to establish a positive working relationship with Russia in order to fight and destroy the ISIL terrorists. He has also expressed a willingness to work with “other countries” who are willing to do this.

Therefore it would a natural and intelligent choice for President Trump to send US representatives to participate in these discussions, and I believe he will.

Despite the criticisms of Trump’s past statements and concerns regarding Muslims in general, I believe this prior confusion can be cleansed with clear facts, history, and honorable sources of information which can help President Trump assemble a complete picture of the current Middle East community of nations, the issues, and the potential solutions.

If Trump attends Astana meeting, it may lead to the resumption of Russia-US ties. Do you think it can also provide grounds for Iran-US relations?

President Trump, like many Americans, knows two things: 1) America has suffered a distorted information environment with regards to Iran by the media and virulent Zionist fanatics; and 2) every American under the age of fifty years of age has absolutely no problem, prejudice, or passion towards either Russia or Iran, and this is the future Americans want to pursue. Americans under fifty have not suffered the emotional hysteria, blind hatred and political schizophrenia of the “cold war” of America towards Iran and Russia, and they certainly do not wish to become—and in fact will not allow—politicians and a media from trying to lobotomize them into this mindset.

Obama himself has said that the younger generation is “by instinct more inclusive” and this means they are looking for ways to include Russia-Iran in the circle of friendship, and they voted for Trump largely because of his desire for this also. Fortunately, for Americans, President Trump’s  “business man” acumen enables him to analyze people, countries, and projects from a pragmatic political perspective, rather than an emotional one, and this will be his policy in the future.

Some of Trump’s choices for his cabinet members have taken opposite positions in their hearings comparing to Trump’s during his presidential campaign. What are the outcomes and reasons for their disagreement on JCPOA, Russian issue, etc?

Trump’s cabinet members are saying things now, in front of Congress and the Senate hearings, largely to simply “get approved”. Most of their statements are calculated simply to get them a “passing vote” and will not reflect the philosophy of Donald Trump.

President Trump will order every member of his cabinet to implement his personality, his political philosophy, his policy agenda into all the agencies of the federal government, and not to pursue their own agenda or prior goals or ideas. So many members of the Trump cabinet, although distasteful and ignorant as they may be towards Russia and Iran, will have to report to President Trump on everything they say and do, and follow his policies and philosophy, not their own.

How do you evaluate over the situation of Trump’s elected ministers? Would they be able to get yes vote?

The key to getting a “yes vote” in the Congressional hearings is essentially to say nothing and commit to nothing, and smile and nod in “bobble-head” approval to the puppets in Congress who ask the questions. Simply speaking in “plain-vanilla” language, without a lot of facts or details and little or no passion, and go around in circles, pleases the empty headed American Congress, who are more interested in hearing their own voices and pleasing the money-lenders who fund their re-election campaigns. Now of course there are some psychotic, homocidal maniacs—such as Senator John McCain—and homosexual cheerleaders—such as Senator Lindsay Graham—who desire only war and conflict and cultural destruction in America, but they are an aberration and not respected by the majority of Americans.

Like Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s, President Trump will implement far-reaching and profound pro-business, anti-tax, anti-regulation and big government policies, as well as a pro-peace, non-interventionist foreign policy in the coming year. Once the positive effects and friendly thaw in relations begins to appear to Americans, they will exuberantly support President Trump even more. This naturally will mean that any politician—especially Republican—who stands against Trump and his cabinet picks, will be most likely voted out of office in the coming year. 

How do you think about Trump’s situation in the current US community, regarding his low popularity rate and his attacks to CNN and many other things, and what will be the nation’s reactions and especially those who voted for him?

President Trump knows, and has passionately and publicly proclaimed, that CNN is “fake news”, and has invented all kinds of lies and deceptions and distortions about him. He has stated he will also continue to communicate on his own, acting as his own Press Secretary in a way, on Twitter and social media. This means he will have a direct access to the American heart and mind, and will cultivate a positive and transparent “one-on-one” dialogue with America—and the world. As history shows, President Franklin Roosevelt did this in his “fire-side chats” on the radio with Americans, and Ronald Reagan also did this on TV from the Oval Office. These acts of open, transparent, intimate conversations with Americans was what made them two of the most loved and respected and successful Presidents in American history. The same will occur with Trump—and more so—given the renaissance in the American identity, peace with other nations he wishes to secure, and hope for the future that he passionately believes in.

Dozens of democratic lawmakers are boycotting President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, accusing Trump of preaching policy of division and hate, his insults to some US democratic representatives and saying his election has depended on the foreign interference of Russia's leaders. What do you evaluate this?

This boycott of the Presidential Inauguration by Democrats will be celebrated and lamented by many as the death of the Democrat party. It will be celebrated by Republicans because it is an “abandonment of the field” by Democrats, and confirmation of an emotional breakdown and child-like tantrum by the Democrats in a desperate attempt to somehow hurt Donald Trump. But instead, Democrats will only be hurting themselves, because the American people have no patience or respect for this behavior. They expect and demand their politicians to behave like aristocrats, like statesmen, like leaders worthy of the great trust and faith put into them by the Voter American voter. By boycotting Trump, they are instead contradicting and degrading everything they are expected to upold, preserve, and protect.

The other fantasy—or lie—the American public is refusing to accept from the mainstream media or the psychotic politicians is the “Russian hacking of the US election and connection to Trump”. Ironically, the vast majority of Americans have said, regardless of how Trump was elected, they are more than happy is was elected. Americans are relieved because of the great fear they had that Hillary Clinton was preparing to lead America into endless wars in the Middle East, China, and Russia—which would have effectively destroyed America, if not the world. This hell was avoided, and the God of the Universe  heard the prayers of Americans—and the world—and has spared us this destruction. Americans—and the people of the world—are now hoping and praying that Donald Tru mp will wisely lead America along a new path of tolerance, peace, and prosperity, and abandon the fanatacism and obsession for empire which started on September 11, 2001 when the greatest deception in history occurred in the false-flag attacks upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The final hope of course is that European leaders are being replaced, such as in France, Britain, and Germany, and they will join President Trump into lifting the sanctions against Russia, creating new relations with Iran, and combining their wisdom to work together on terrorist problems through diplomacy, rather than interventionism, regime change, and reckless wars.

Dr. Scott Bennett, formerly of the US Army 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, attempted to blow the whistle by contacting the commercially-controlled media and writing to US politicians after being sacked from his job as terrorist finance investigator after he proved too zealous at the job. He also tried to expose Union Bank of Switzerland for financing terrorism (Al Qaeda, Benghazi, ISIL) through the US and Allies, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey, Israel back in 2012; then thrown in prison for it. Bennett had a background in advertising, before being fast tracked into the US military PSYOPS division, receiving a Direct Commission as an Officer, and held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) security clearance. 

Interview by Lachin Rezaian

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