Intra-Syrian talks only way to end regional crisis

TEHRAN, Sep. 26 (MNA) – Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani criticized apparent political and military support of US for various terrorist groups saying the only way to end the current crisis in Syria is Syrian-Syrian talks.

Speaking during a meeting with Syrian Parliament Speaker Hadiyeh Khalaf Abbas on Tuesday, Shakhani pointed to the extensive achievements and victories accomplished by the Syrian government and people's stand against terrorists and their supporters. "Strong will of the Syrian people will determine the future of the country which is victory and return to the glorious days."

Shamkhani underlined that the future of Aleppo and other Syrian areas will be determined solely through powerful confront with Takfiri groups.

Pointing to the double standards of the US and the West in the fight against terrorism, Shamkhani said the US and some European countries should respond to the question that what relationship exists between failure of the terrorists and their attempts to call an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

Criticizing the US apparent political and military support for various terrorist groups, Shamkhani said the main reason for the failure of political and diplomatic initiatives, and even ceasefire opportunities, is the West and its allies avoiding to accept the terrorist nature of many armed groups and extremists and offering help to them.

Hadiyeh Khalaf Abbas, for her part, appreciated Iran's humanitarian and advisory aids to Syria to confront terrorism and defending the threatened towns and villages and said "if some Arabic countries took honest approach to try to solve the crisis, like Iran, we would never face such a critical situation in the region today."

Pointing to the imposition of terror war against Syria with the support of 80 countries, Khalaf Abbas said, "Syria is gaining victories in different fields each day and every victory marks a step closer to passing the crisis."


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