Assembly of Expert concludes session with final statement

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TEHRAN, May 25 (MNA) – A final statement by the new session of the 5th Assembly of Expert has highlighted the unsatisfactory JCPOA implementation by world powers.

The 5th Assembly of Experts met in former Parliament building where newly elected 86 clerics sat in its crimson-red seats. The two-day meeting concluded on Wednesday with an 8-article statement where they voiced major concerns over cultural, political, regional, and no less important nuclear issues.

Read aloud by Ayatollah Ghorbanali Dorri-Najafabadi, the statement announced the AE’s mission as ‘working in good will to serve the nation through promoting an atmosphere of cooperation and solidarity among all three branches of government in an attempt to boost the economy, to set the wheels of the industry, to fight economic and administrative corruption and drug cartels.’ It also extended the AE’s mission to addressing the pressing issues of the downtrodden and underrepresented areas of the nation through a cultural and economic campaign.

The second article of the statement highlighted the historic day of May 23 (Khordad 3) the day when Khorramshahr was liberated, and as the statement said, the nation “is heavily indebted to the bloods of many martyrs who fought unselfishly to defend the ideals of the Revolutionary Iran.”

It also touched the issue of Hajj pilgrimage, an area of tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and a subject where Saudi regime proved quite intransigent in bringing hopes of many Iranian pilgrims into nothing; “the AE condemns the dividing policies of the Saudi regime and calls on Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization and Foreign Ministry officials to address the issue of Hajj seriously and to effectively mount pressure on Saudi officials to accept the consequences of Mina tragedy of last year Hajj rituals, and to deprive them of their pretexts to denigrate the national glory of Iranians,” it emphasized.

It also condemned the policy of silence by the ‘claimants to human rights’ in the face of Saudi encroachments in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Bahrain and its unashamedly supporting different terrorist groups of ISIL, Al-Qaeda, etc. and putting in the black list of terrorism organizations as Hezbollah of Lebanon which had brilliantly performed in fighting terrorism in Syria and Lebanon.

The statement turned to the hotly debated issue of JCPOA in the face of recent hopelessness voiced by some government officials notably by Governor of the Central Bank who had been famously quoted as saying that the JCPOA implementation had almost ‘nothing’ for relieving economic hardships; “the US conduct on JCPOA has violated the spirit of the agreement the most important part of which was removal of sanctions; we believe the government officials should draw upon the Leader’s 9-point directive to prepare a proper response to western side and their sabotage acts,” it emphasized.

The last part of the statement hailed the Leader’s recommendations on the loyalty to Revolutionary ideals of the AE members and expressed gratitude for the past (4th Assembly of Expert) and its late speaker Ayatollah Ali Mahdavi Kani.





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