Political synergy key to ongoing issues

TEHRAN, May 25 (MNA) – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has said cooperation among the government, parliament and political parties can solve the country’s problems.

Iran’s Ali Larijani addressed reporters’ questions at a press conference on Wednesday morning in Tehran to mark the end of the ninth Iranian Parliament.

In response to a question about Saudi Arabia not accepting the responsibility for Mina tragedy and the status of deploying Iranian pilgrims to Mecca, Larijani said “an Iranian delegation has travelled to Saudi Arabia and the issue will hopefully be resolved though we would not support the Arab country’s strategy in various issues like the war in Yemen which; “measure taken by Saudis will cause damage to Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia and people need to be able to carry out Haj rituals in peace.”

When asked about people’s message in the 10th round of Parliamentary elections especially in Tehran, where only reformists were elected despite the participation of different political groups, Ali Larijani noted “the results show that people are looking for peace and stability because issues will not be addressed in presence of tensions.”

Referring to the greatest achievement of the ninth Parliament, the official said “we took the advantage of the numerous viewpoints which existed at the beginning of the ninth government to cooperate with the government and the other main outcome is that we attached great importance to human resources.”

Parliament speaker also pointed to the expansion of suburban areas in Tehran as a result of excessive emigration to the Iranian capital from smaller towns and villages; “the issue as well as air pollution in Tehran are being investigated.”

In response to another reporter’s reference to the Leader’s comment that political sessions should end up in chaos, Larijani said we need to improve the skill of welcoming opposite views and the issue is mainly of a cultural issue than a political one.

When asked about the unfinished projects of the ninth Parliament and the top priority of the new Parliament, Ali Larijani said “some major projects have reached conclusions while the remaining issues are being resolved and improving the country’s economic conditions would be high on the agenda of the 10th Parliament.

He further noted the Parliament’s priorities in foreign affairs asserting ninth and tenth Parliaments share similar views in this regard as terrorist activities have increased in quality and quantity I recent years; “some regional and Western countries are supporting extremist groups and the new Parliament will investigate the issue in order to find a proper solution.”

In response to another question about the stagflation in the country which has turned into a major concern for the people and the Parliament’s plan for dealing with the issue, Larijani said “the government and the Parliament need to take immediate measures in this regard and a group has been formed to make proper decisions in line with the Leader’s comments of Resistance Economy.”

Larijani also welcomed the existence of candidates with different views since various ideas will be heard though all MPs are committed to support people’s rights.

He rejected reception of any messages over the next Parliament Speaker emphasizing “final decisions will be made inside the Parliament and by using standard and existing procedures.”

When asked about the biggest challenges to be faced by the 10th Parliament, Ali Larijani said “no big barriers exist against the Iranian Parliament and the elected members will only try to benefit the nation.”

In response to a question about the conditions in Khan Touman village in Syria, the official said “I have no recent news over the issue but it is clear that some countries are exploiting the cease-fire circumstances in their own interest; an act which will affect all the movements in the area.”

Touching upon the main focus of the next Iranian Parliament, he said “each Parliament possesses a different atmosphere and makes decisions in view of specific conditions of the time though all MPs need to focus only on important issues in order to meet the people’s needs.”

“The previous Parliaments have had a good performance in the region and in the international arena though we have some shortcomings in economic aspects,” highlighted Larijani adding “therefore, organizations and officials need to focus on economic issues and political synergy will definitely solve the problem.”

In response to another question about the Leader’s naming of the year as ‘Resistance Economy’ and whether it will remain a moto or get realized, Parliament Speaker Larijani said “practical steps have already been taken a chain of thoughts and actions are required to achieve fruitful results.”

“We need to accelerate efforts to solve problems by exploiting more talented and suitable human resources,” Larijani concluded.




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