Khan Touman to be liberated

TEHRAN, May 15 (MNA) – Iranian defense minister has said Khan Touman village of Syria will be set free by Muslim warriors and soldiers.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a ceremony to mark the martyrdom of Mustafa Badreddine, a top Hezbollah commander on Saturday, Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan said “regional conditions are critical and complicated since a deep conspiracy has been formed by Americans in collaboration with Israel and Saudi Arabia in order to cause serious harm to the Resistance Movement.”

“By recruiting fanatic and ignorant people who are ready to deal with the Muslim world as well as by brutal killing of women and children, they are trying to make allies in the region in order to weaken the pure Islamic ideology,” he added.

Iran’s minister of defense went on to underline that “on the contrary, as the case of martyr Mustafa Badreddine, we observe Muslim soldiers participating in the scene of defense with all their being.”

“Enemies fancy that exaggeration of a great martyr’s assassination would induce defects in the Resistance,” noted the official asserting “however, historical lessons reveal that numerous warriors will take the place of each Muslim martyr.”

Brig. Gen. Dehghan described Badreddine as a 'tireless mujahid', capable leader and brave warrior.

“War is ongoing in the region and the issue of ceasefire mainly marked an opportunity for Takfiri groups to get equipped and supported since they had lost their excessive force and internal cohesion,” stressed the official.

He further noted that the Syrian resistance was committed to the ceasefire while Al-Nusra terrorist group broke the deal by attacking Khan Touman village; “we believe that the Syrian village will be liberated by Muslim warriors.”

At the end of his remarks, Defense Minister Dehghna rejected the hypothesis that Iran seeks to by S400 missile systems from Russia.






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