Elections shield of Iranian nation against enemies

TEHRAN, Feb. 24 (MNA) – Ahead of two significant elections on Friday, thousands of people from Najafabad met today with Leader of the Islamic Revolution here in Tehran.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei received today thousands of people from all walks of life from Najafabad, Isfahan province, on the anniversary of Khaybar operation during Imposed War. With the two approaching elections of Assembly of Experts and Parliament, Leader of Revolution touched upon the issue; “elections in Iran is a national rise up. With participating in elections, our people stand firm against the enemies and defy them,” said he.

“When enemies see that after 37 years and with all pressures and oppressive sanctions exerted against and with all spiteful and harmful propagandas, they have not been able to weaken people’s allegiance to the Islamic System, greatness of the Revolution awes them,” continued Leader. “One of enemy’s artifices in election is to shape a bipolarity like ‘governmental’ and ‘anti-governmental’ parliaments. Iranian nation wants neither a governmental, nor an anti-governmental parliament; they want a nation which is brave, faithful and aware of its duties and is not bullied by US.”

Elaborating more on characteristics of an efficient parliament the Leader continued as saying that “the nation wants a parliament who knows remedies of people’s sufferings. A faithful, committed and brave parliament who cannot be deceived by enemies; one who pays attention to independence and dignity and resists hunger of foreign powers who have lost their access to the country and pursue return to Iran.” Leader of Revolution also emphasized on the role of Parliament in urging government to pursue endogenous economy.

Ayatollah Khamenei further asserted that “after negotiations, the US has one plot for region, and one for Iran; this is clear to us. For inside Iran, enemy exploits infiltrators. It doesn’t mean that they have necessarily received money from enemy; as Imam once said “sometimes the words of enemy is heard from mouth of someone after several layers of ties to them.”

We must all beware of infiltration. When you see that enemy praises you to shape bipolarity and create division among you, don’t hesitate to denounce it. When you know that enemy wants to sow discord, don’t allow them to. We shall return to Imam Khomeini’s stance where he said if enemies praised you, scrutinize yourself to see what you have done wrong.”

“Do not use political discourse of enemies; enemies of Revolution from beginning of Revolution used terms such as ‘radical’ and ‘moderate;’ the most radical person to them was Imam Khomeini and now they consider me as the most radical one,” said Leader of Revolution and emphasized that “Islam supports moderation and restraint; but moderation according to Quran is not opposite to radicalism, it is against deviation. Insisting on correct path is not bad, but enemy labels those who are more determined to realize Revolutionary goals with ‘radical’ and uses ‘moderate’ for those who are ready to surrender.”

Leader of the Islamic Revolution further urged people to participate in elections with insight and carefulness and seek God’s sake in doing the right job; “know candidates and vote for them; and if you don’t know someone, don’t avoid casting ballots, ask those who you trust their faith and commitment.”

“Whoever you elect by your votes, will be your own representatives and you will benefit from a good election or suffer consequences of a neglectful election. Play your role in elections correctly and willfully. Assembly of Experts and Parliament are both important,” concluded the Leader.




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