Nation not to succumb to threats, pressures

TEHRAN, Feb. 11 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani, who has joined the popular rallies earlier in the morning, addresses the crowd.

President Rouhani said that drastic social change since the Revolution had been possible only through a comination of ‘Islam’ and ‘Republic’ elements of the system, and that people had seen their ideals and historical demands crystalized on the words of late Imam Khomeini (RA); “the Revolution was not only political; but it changed the ethics and ontology of the nation altogether; it denied violence and advanced peacefully,” Rouhani told the crowd. “Those hegemonic powers who had been dealing with Iranians with the language of coercion and denigration, have come to this conclusion that our nation will never succumb to pressures and threats.”

“We triumphantly brought the debacle of Iranophobia project during historic nuclear deal with the west; the world public now clearly accepts that the Zionist Regime was false in its claims that Iran was a threat to the globe,” Mr. Rouhani emphasized. He also said that election was an example of national dialogue where people and the system negotiate.

Rouhani promised a better economic future; “we will invest all our capacities to improve economic conditions and will stand with people to see a better next year where the economy will flourish and with it the country will see brilliant days,” he imbued the rallying crowd with a fresh sense of hope.

“Today is a day not for partisan rivalry, but a day for unity and casting petty and provincial partisan views of the short-term interests; today, our sole objective should be to build a better Iran, and to attain this, we need interaction with the world,” president added.

“Any domestic confrontation would undermine national expediencies’; we should come to a consensus on the way the country should be handled toward progress; the Leader’s predicted 8-per cent growth is a good target to be met, and to attain this per cent, we will work to bring foreign investments into Iran,” Rouhani suggested.

On Parliament and Assembly of Experts elections to be held February 26, President Rouhani believed that public of all walks of life should be given way to participate in a historic election which would lead Iran to happiness; the Revolution hinges upon the public vote, the constitution, ethics, Islam, and respecting the rule of law; “the Revolution is not specific for any certain party or political group,” Mr. Rouhani said.

“A revolutionary individual is he who is tolerant of the opposition and different opinions; is he who participate in running his country; he whose country’s productions should compete for world markets; the revolutionary typical man and women are happy, value hope, and welcomes hard work to build their country; he welcomes a revolution which provides a peaceful image of Islam to today’s world,” he went on to say in his description of a revolutionary individual.

“Our Revolution belies those fake apologists of Islam. It belies their crime; any one claims to be a revolutionary, should help fashion a national unity and reconciliation, which we need the most,” was Rouhani’s public call for a general political unity. “Election is an example of this national dialogue; no one should avoid polls. We need higher turnout, which well demonstrates our social human capital; if any citizen is disgruntled by any reason, should come to vote and should know that his vote will have the last word,” he recommended.




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