IDO urges intl. community to prevent further crimes against Nigerian Shias

TEHRAN, Dec. 21 (MNA) – Islamic Development Organization has called for serious international action to save the life of Sheikh Zakzaky and prevent occurrence of more crimes against Nigerian Shias.

In the wake of the bloody tragedies of Nigeria, the Islamic Development Organization issued a statement condemning the crimes and urging the international community to take serious measures to save the life of leader of Nigerian Shias Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky.

The statement argues that the double policies of arrogant powers towards crimes and brutalities applied against humanity all around the world is nothing new. The arrogant powers in the West who cry false claims of democracy and human rights won't deem human beings as equal in practice and their definition of democracy is the ruling of some people over others as well as that by human rights, they merely seek to fulfill the rights of certain groups of people.

The arsenal of global media which is at service of bullying powers’ propaganda, keep incidents like the Paris bombing as their first headline for a long period of time; whereas, more despicable crimes against people in many countries like Nigeria will have no reflection in western broadcasting companies.

The Nigeria’s bloody disaster in December which led to the killing of a large number of innocent Shias as well as the act of brutal violence against the country’s Shia leader did not arouse any protest or condemnation on the part of Western officials or heads of Arab states since the leaders of world domination and their ignorant Arabic mercenaries have proved that they notice no trace of human rights in these incidents which indicates their limited definition of human rights.

The intense pressure on Nigeria’s Shia community adds another page to the thick book of Shia oppression. Sheikh Zakzaky, the brave Shia leader, has long been one of the devotees of the Islamic Revolution.

Having proved his devotion after the martyrdom of his family members three years ago as well as in the recent incident, the courageous Sheikh Zakzaky is being kept in detention of the Nigerian government and has been bitterly tortured by the bloodthirsty military forces of Nigeria while the fate of this brave and deviant leader is still unknown.

At the end of the statement, the Islamic Development Organization expressed condolences for the death of the son and devoted wife of the brave leader condemning the blatant crime and urged the international community especially the Muslim nations across the Islamic lands to take sober steps for liberation of Sheikh Zakzaky and to prevent further crimes against Nigerian Shias.




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