Sanctions snap-back not to affect Iran: Rouhani

TEHRAN, Sep. 27 (MNA) – President Rouhani has said that JCPOA will continue and possible snap back of sanctions against Iran will not affect the nation.

President Hassan Rouhani met with a group of Iranian experts, executives and investors residing in the US on Saturday, stating that dignity and well-being of Iranian nation is the will and goal of all Iranians and today a window of opportunity has opened for development in economic, scientific and industrial sectors which must be used in the best way to achieve further progress.

Pointing to the achievements of the incumbent Iranian government over the past two years in terms of social growth, reforming economic structures, taming inflation, and eliminating recession, Iran’s president asserted that, “we must take all opportunities and potentials in order to reach economic prosperity and Iranians living abroad are great assets to this end.”

“With the efforts of authorities we have been able to create a balance between non-oil exports and the level of import in line with our goal of eliminating the country’s reliance on single-product economy,” he added.

Rouhani deemed one reason of success in nuclear negotiations as Iran’s ability to fix the economy during the time when unprecedented sanctions were imposed against the country.

He mentioned unity and internal cohesion as yet another factor in Iran’s success in nuclear talks and noted that, “despite oppositions, we were able to maintain cohesion which indicates that majority of people have approved of the government’s decision.”

The president said that today no one doubts the influential role of Iran in the region asserting that, “Iran is known as an anti-terrorist country and everyone acknowledges that without the power and support of Iran, the situation in the region would deteriorate.”

Referring to Iran’s extraordinary capacities and being in the center of a very good market in the region, Rouhani stated that, “Iran is an energy hub and center of stability in the region due to its educated people and efficient human resources; hence giant foreign and European companies are making numerous requests for investment in our country.”

The president said that Iranian entrepreneurs, managers and investors are always on top priority adding that, “we are trying to make investment easier by resolving legal issues and regulations.”

He further pointed out that investment in Iran must be accompanied by transfer of knowledge, facilities and equipment asserting that, “today, a good situation has been created in energy, industry and transportation sectors and the time is ripe for investment."

Underlining that to reach the desired annual economic growth Iran needs 150 billion dollars of investment, Iran’s president highlighted that, “we must use foreign investment in this regard and the removal of sanctions has created suitable conditions for mobility in the field of investment.”

“The US has taken reckless and unacceptable actions against Iran’s nation over the past few decades including the support for Saddam during the imposed war and, unfortunately, US officials have not made an apology to the Iranian people yet; while by telling the truth we would be able to correct the path and reduce hostility,” he said.

Hassan Rouhani stressed that the Iranian people have no problem with the people of America and they respect each other.




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