Rescue-ready V/STOL designed in Iran

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TEHRAN, Sep. 04 (MNA) – Iranian researchers managed to design and build a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft which has patrol, reconnaissance, and rescue capabilities in addition to imaging.

Morteza Dadar, the Inventor of this VTOL which is capable of patrol, reconnaissance and imaging from high levels said that, “this idea has been adopted from flying robots and operational models of that have been implemented in small and medium sizes.

Stating that the engines mounted on this robot provide it with the ability of flying over the area, Dadar said that, “besides flying, this aircraft has been equipped with a video surveillance system which allows simultaneous imaging in order to identify the environment.”

“Therefore, this robot is a great achievement for reconnaissance and rescue purposes,” he added.

The researcher further asserted that, “in order to complete the course of research and to use new technologies in controlling access and identification, currently we are implementing image processing patterns in this robot so that by using these algorithms it will become independent of operator commands and guiding.”

This VTOL has been designed and built in collaboration with another researcher Sajjad Ghabiti and the invention has won the top ranking title in several academic competitions.



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