'Terrorism will hit all its supporters one day'

TEHRAN, Aug. 31 (MNA) – Iranian President reiterated that supporters of terrorism will be affected by same event one day.

Speaking during the 2nd international congress to honor 17,000 victims of terrorist activities in Iran here on Monday, President Rouhani said the terrorism has been a new tool in today world for different purposes which has turned into an organizational issue from a secondary one.

He underlined that terrorism will remain as long as there is no universal determination and will to fight against the issue.

Pointing to the ugly face of terror, Rouhani said the issue is unfortunately happening in people's lives since past and has taken a new form in the modern world and politics.

Rouhani said the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a country which has always been a victim of terror, is determined to fight against any kinds of terrorism emerged in anywhere and against any nation and will undoubtedly make outmost efforts to support the oppressed and take any action against the hideous event.

"We have done so, we have assisted all those who are fighting against terrorists in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and any other places; we will fight terrorism anywhere in region to support oppressed people," Rouhani underlined.

Iranian president criticized international community for being inert against such a critical, dangerous, terrifying and pervasive issue.

"UN and International bodies never took firm steps against terrorist attacks in the region," Rouhani said, adding that those supporting terrorists are not moving in line with the international law and ignore the rights of nations.

He expressed regret over some of the regional Muslim countries who are supporting the terrorists and sharing responsibilities for their crimes.

"Why have they been entrapped by the terrorists; why are they supporting them and why are they being involved in such criminal acts; why are they providing the terrorists with money and why are they using their capabilities and capacities for supporting the terrorists?" Rouhani expressed regret.

Any country in the region supporting the terrorists is contributing to the killing of innocent people, children and women, Rouhani said, adding that, "There is no doubt such terrorist actions will also harm those countries as well."

"I call upon all the regional countries to be united by means of a comprehensive plan to assist each other on the basis of intelligence, political and legal cooperation," Rouhani said, underlining that the root causes of terrorism including ignorance, bias, extremism, poverty, lack of development, dictatorship and colonialism should be addressed, otherwise no solution will be achieved by superficial coalitions.

He expressed hope all regional countries, all NGOs, all legal bodies and political social institutions to get united to save the Islamic world from the dangers of terrorism forever.

The two-day event is to pay tribute to martyrs of terrorist assassinations by honoring a number of the families.

A book about the topic of the gathering is also to be unveiled during the congress, with a documentary on the same issue following.

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