Syria pioneering battle against terrorism, Zionist regime

TEHRAN, Jun. 01 (MNA) – Iran’s parliament speaker has said Iranians would never forget Syria’s support during war with Iraq.

Ali Larijani and his Syrian counterpart Mohammad Jihad al-Laham attended a joint press conference on Monday. Al-Laham is in Tehran heading a Syrian parliamentary delegation to Iran. Mr. Larijani told reporters that his Syrian counterpart had been in Tehran by his official invitation and expressed gratitude for their visit.

Larijani said that Syria had been a pioneer in battle against Zionist regime in the Resistance front; “during past four years, the country was victim of conspiracy seeking to topple the government through fueling terrorism, which however was aborted by the majority support of the public for government,” he told reporters.

Larijani pointed to rule played by western powers in supporting terrorism; “we are confident that Syrian people will be the ultimate victor of this battle; we will never forget the support coming from Syrian government and people for Iran during war with Iraq; we deem fighting terrorism in Iraq and Syria as one contributing positively to man’s future on the planet,” he asserted.

On parliamentary relations, Larijani told the press about his ‘good meetings with Dr. Laham’ which discussed improvement of bilateral relations and exchanged data; “we wish success for Syrian people and government in fight against brutality of the beasts of the ISIL; we will always remain a supporter of Syrian government under any condition,” he said.

Al-Laham for his part expressed thanks to Iranian officials especially Leader of the Islamic Republic for ‘supports and humanitarian aid to the country.’

“I am now in Tehran to talk about and boost bilateral ties; we are attacked by terrorist Takfirists supported by the western hegemonic powers and which is their foster child; Iran and Russia are in the frontline of support for Syria; we have support by Iran and BRICS group on our sides,” Al-Laham told reporters.

On western sanctions, Syrian parliament speaker believed that sanctions sought to mount pressure on public welfare in the country. Laham criticized what he described as a systematic lack of will to fight terrorism in the region, despite many resolutions passed [by the UN] and the general consensus, now “we see mere passive reactions sporadically in the media,” Al-Laham lamented.  

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