Amir Kabir University of Technology develops ATSat

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TEHRAN, June 1 (MNA) – The head of Amir Kabir University of Technology Center of International Scientific Cooperation has said launching of ATSat depends on proper launcher to be decided.

Dr Mostafa Safavi told Mehr News that the university was assigned with development and design of two ATSat and Nahid (Persian for planet ‘Venus’)   satellites. “Currently, a special model of ATSat has been developed and the university seeks coordination to prepare for launching the satellite, however the launching depends much on finding a good launcher,” he said.

On Nahid satellite, Safavi said that it was a joint venture by Iran’s Space Agency’s Space Systems Research Center and Amir Kabir University of the Technology.

The university was assigned with developing 5 subsystems of Nahid by final endorsement of Iran’s Space Organization; Mehr News quoted Safavi as saying.



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