President addresses Police commanders

TEHRAN, April 19 (MNA) – Iran’s president has addressed a meeting of Police commanders; says Police represents ‘Islamic ethics.’

Hassan Rouhani told the 19th National Congress of Police Commanders on Saturday that all should work to ‘inculcate obedience of law’ in the public. “If we work out the law as a value, and commitment to law as a culture, then we would help Police in providing real security considerably,” said Rouhani, “we should persuade people through schools, universities, and other cultural centers that they should obey the rules.”

Rouhani told the meeting that Police should have professional capability and necessary knowledge to handle the responsibilities assigned to it. “We have a great and understanding nation, and you have a great job facing this nation as representatives of the Islamic Republic. Your conduct should reflect Islamic ideals promoted by the Islamic Republic,” said Rouhani, recommending commanders “to leash their anger during the missions.’

Rouhani pointed out that nowadays security encompassed many more aspects of human life. “Police plays a role in providing part of security for the public,” he maintained, “one may think that the more violent and more strict in dealing with public, the more successful the police; however, this idea is outmoded and the rule of law guarantees security.”

The president also believed that the law was the criterion for values. He quoted Imam Khomeini (RA) who believed that Islamic state meant the rule by God. “Thus, we should come to appreciate inculcation of obedience law and its welcome by people as a culture,” he added.

He emphasized that Police and government were solely the executors of the law. “We should abide by law in dealing with people. We should not forget that people are true owners of the country and that all government officials are their elected, and that their vote bestows legitimacy to government and its bodies,” told Rouhani to the meeting, and that “we should serve people in any place in the power.”




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