• ریز پرنده 2017-09-25 17:56

    AUT team wins 1st place at France’s IMAV 2017

    TEHRAN, Sep. 25 (MNA) – A team from Amir Kabir University of Technology secured the first place in Virtual Challenge category of International Micro Air Vehicle 2017 competition in France.

  • نشست خبری فرزاد اسماعیلی فرمانده پدافند هوایی خاتم الانبیا 2017-09-03 20:37

    Enemies won’t escape alive after any offense: Gen. Esmaili

    TEHRAN, Sep. 03 (MNA) – A bunker complex for counter-offensive drones was opened by Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili, the commander of the Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base, on Sunday.

  • سپاه 2017-08-15 09:50

    IRGC to continue drone patrols in Persian Gulf

    TEHRAN, Aug. 15 (MNA) – Public Relations Office of IRGC’s drone unit based in the Persian Gulf said airborne patrols will be carefully and uninterruptedly pursued within Iran’s ADIZ.

  • بنی طرفی 2017-07-23 14:16

    Iran to export drones to Russia

    TEHRAN, Jul. 23 (MNA) – IAIO Director Brig. Gen. Banitarafi said joint venture with the Russian has kicked off in design and export of certain UAVs.

  • ماکس 2017-07-21 18:11

    Iranian drones, missiles, helicopters showcased in MAKS 2017

    TEHRAN, Jul. 21 (MNA) – Iranian air, defense, and missile industries have showcased their latest achievements at the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS-2017) in Zhukovsky near Russian capital city of Moscow.

  • نمایشگاه هوایی مسکو 2017-07-19 16:13

    Iran showcases drones, jet trainers at Russia's MAKS-2017

    MOSCOW, Jul. 19 (MNA) – Iranian-manufactured drones, helicopters, and advanced jet trainers have been put on display at the 13th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017 currently underway in Moscow.

  • drone 2017-05-27 08:37

    Syrian army shoots down armed Israeli drone after attack on soldiers

    MOSCOW, May 27 (MNA) – An Israeli combat drone was downed on Friday in southwestern Syria after killing three Syrian soldiers, local media reported Saturday.

  • مانور هوایی جنگنده های پایگاه شهید بابایی اصفهان‎ 2017-05-24 13:26

    Massive army drill underway in Iran

    TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) – Military exercise of the Iranian Army, dubbed as ‘Beit-ol-Moqadas 29’, kicked off in central Iran on Tuesday morning.

  • چهارمین دوره مسابقات طرحی و ساخت هواپیمای بدون سرنشین 2017-04-16 11:34

    By: Asghar Khamseh

    Sharif Univ. hosting drone design, construction competition

    TEHRAN, Apr. 16 (MNA) – The 4th tournament of drone design and construction is underway in Sharif University of Technology in Tehran.

  • پهپادهای آمریکا 2017-03-04 14:34

    US drone crashes in eastern Afghan province 

    KABUL, Mar. 04 (MNA) – A pilotless plane of the NATO-led Resolute Support (RS) coalition forces crashed in Afghanistan's eastern province of Parwan overnight, leaving no casualties, the RS forces said Saturday.

  • شلیک ضد هوایی در آسمان تهران 2017-01-16 19:36

    By: Mehran Riazi

    Anti-aircraft shootings heard in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Jan. 16 (MNA) – People in Tehran were surprised by hearing the staccato of firing mainly in central and southern parts of the city.

  • رزمایش مدافعان ولایت 7 2016-12-28 21:41

    Joint drill wraps up in southern regions

    TEHRAN, Dec. 28 (MNA) – A 3-day joint drill of IRGC and Army has ended on Wednesday, with the closing day focusing on destroying drones and electronic warfare.

  • بازدید علی شمخانی دبیر شورای عالی امنیت ملی از نمایشگاه تبدیل تهدید به فرصت 2016-10-01 18:59

    SNSC secretary visits drone unveiling event

    TEHRAN, Oct. 01 (MNA) – Rear Adm. Ali Shamkhani has paid a visit to an IRGC exhibition, Turning Threats to Opportunity, where IRGC unveiled its latest drone Thunder.

  • پهپاد صاعقه 2016-10-01 14:20

    IRGC inaugurates its latest drone ‘Thunder’

    TEHRAN, Oct. 01 (MNA) – IRGC Air Force commander has said the forces’ latest drone ‘Sae’qeh’ (Thunder) emulates that of the US in stealth drones.

  • سردار سرلشکر محمد باقری 2016-09-25 10:52

    Army Chief of Staff:

    Russians after Iranian long-range drone tech.

    TEHRAN, Sep. 25 (MNA) – Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces said Sun. that Russians seek to obtain the technology of manufacturing the Iranian long-range drones, capable of targeting positions with one meter square surfaces.

  • پهپاد جاسوسی 2016-08-29 15:32

    Air defense wards off US drone by warning

    TEHRAN, Aug. 29 (MNA) – Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base has issued a warning to a US drone which was entering Iranian airspace.

  • 02-br1 irna drills70.jpg 2016-05-23 16:26

    Beit-ul-Muqaddas military drill exhibits new weapons

    ISFAHAN, May 23 (MNA) – Iran’s Army Ground Forces (Persian acronym: NEZAJA) has been embarking on a military drill in Nasrabad General Zone, Isfahan, where it has test-fired some of its new warfare.

  • کشتار با پهپادها‎ 2016-05-10 14:18

    Iran unveils Naseh drone

    TEHRAN, May 10 (MNA) – The latest domestic drone of Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base, dubbed 'Naseh', was put on display on Tuesday in a ceremony attended by defense minister.

  • ناو هواپیمابر آمریکایی 2016-01-29 12:38

    Iran's surveillance drone takes precise photo of US aircraft carrier

    TEHRAN, Jan. 29 (MNA) – An Iranian tactical reconnaissance drone as part of an ongoing naval drill codenamed Velayat-94 flew over a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf and took precise photographs of it.

  • drone 2015-11-21 18:10

    Unknown drone crashes in Shoush, Khuzestan

    AHVAZ, Nov. 21 (MNA) – Khuzestan’s deputy-governor for political and security affairs has confirmed reports of a drone crash in Shoush, in northern part of the province, southwest of Iran.

  • رزمایش 2015-11-19 11:19

    Army launches final phase of drill

    TORBAT-E-JAM, Nov. 19 (MNA) – Iranian Army’s Ground Forces staged the last phase of the drill dubbed Muhammad Rasulullah 3 on Wednesday.      

  • farzad 2015-09-05 23:46

    Enemies thirsty for Iran’s military info: Cmdr.

    TEHRAN, Sep. 05 (MNA) – Commander of Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base has said if an aircraft wants to intrude Iran using unusual techniques, indicates the enemies’ thirst for Iran’s political and military information.

  • پهباد 2015-08-22 22:52

    Drone downing denied in western province

    KERMANSHAH, Aug. 22 (MNA) – The head of Kermanshah Air Defense has denied the story that an unknown drone had been downed, admitting it as belonging to last year.