TEHRAN, June 11 (Mehr News Agency) -– The dissemination by the Reuters news agency of a confidential draft of the report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran’s nuclear activities gave the U.S. the opportunity to repeat its accusations against Iran.

The U.S. officials, President George W. Bush in particular, are dealing with accusations that they are concealing an official Pentagon report proving that there are no weapons of mass destruction (WMD)in Iraq, meaning that they deceived the United Nations and the world in order to attack and occupy Iraq.


Minutes after Reuters published the report, U.S. State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher said the United States believes that, according to the IAEA report, Iran’s nuclear program has serious problems and the only way to confront the problems is through an investigation by the UN Security Council.


Meanwhile, the Washington Post said that the U.S. is very concerned about the draft report and Iran's nuclear activities, so much so that the Bush administration has done everything in its might to ensure that Iran’s nuclear activities are placed under the supervision of the UN Security Council.


Also a U.S. Congressman accused Iran of establishing plants for producing nuclear weapons in violation of NPT regulations and said that Iran’s nuclear program had to be stopped before it became advanced.


Analysts believe that the U.S., whose plots and policies are obvious to all, plans to criticize the Islamic Republic while IAEA inspectors are in Iran, before the publication of the final IAEA report on June 16.


The Director of the Strategic Research Office of the Expediency Council (EC) Ali-Akbar Sheikh Attar, says that Iran’s policy-makers should pay serious attention to the U.S. accusations against Iran because they are part of a plot against the Islamic Republic.


"The implicit U.S. accusations against Iran have recently become explicit. In light of the fact that all the ideological movements in the Islamic world have been inspired by the Islamic Revolution, the White House wants to suppress the Islamic Revolution and seeks to give the impression that it is a useless government."


According to Attar, this goal can be reached only through non-military attacks, so the U.S. has decided to launch psychological warfare operations in order to lay the groundwork for the collapse of the Islamic Revolution.”


He also said that Iran's nuclear activities can be viewed from two aspects.


"The IAEO is responsible for technical issues of its nuclear activities on the basis of international protocols, but the other aspect is the psychological warfare campaign."


"The U.S. first speaks about Al-Qaeda and the presence of terrorist groups in Iran," he said, "Then questions the legitimacy and the democracy of the Islamic Republic."


He added that Washington has embarked on accusing Tehran of conducting non-peaceful nuclear activities. "Tomorrow it will definitely accuse Iran of using chemical weapons, or, by speaking about the Persian Gulf islands and other issues, try to turn the world against Iran."


Attar referred to Iran’s close cooperation with the IAEA and the peaceful nuclear activities of the country, which have been confirmed by IAEA officials.


"Iran’s responses are convincing to the questions raised logically but not to biased questions," he said.   


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