TEHRAN, April 17 (MNA) -– The Operational Deputy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) Brigadier General Siavosh Moshiri, here Friday announced the army is prepared for the defense against all anti-Iranian movements.

During his visit to the Mehr News Agency on the eve of Army Day, Moshiri said that an army is designed to protect a country’s national interests and insure security. He added that the country’s current army is different from the one before the Islamic Revolution.


“Since the inception of the Islamic Revolution, the armed forces have implemented their operations on the basis of Islamic jurisprudence and the Constitution,” he said.


Moshiri referred to Army Day as a historic juncture for the army, at which time it evaluates and determines its directives.


He went on to say that the air force in conjunction with the ground and marine forces should continue to develop cohesive policies toward continued success.


“This was practically proved during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war,” he added.


Referring to the duties of the armed forces during peacetime, the deputy explained that while Iran is currently at peace, it still faces various threats because it staunchly opposes U.S. and Zionist interests.


“Thus we must always be vigilant in order to powerfully respond to these threats,” he added.


Moshiri discussed various national air force projects including the production of a hunter plane, and plans for joint war games.


He explained these projects are designed to maintain and enhance military capability toward protecting autonomy.





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