TEHRAN Feb. 16 (Mehr News Agency) -- More than 300 Spanish tourism experts will soon be visiting Iran to analyze our country’s tourism facilities and attractions, says Ali Akbar Amiri director of the Islamic Republic Airlines (Homa) office in Madrid.

The experts will mostly be Spanish private sector and travel agency officials, who will come to Iran in several groups over the course of the next two months. The first group has already departed, he said.


Spain is the second largest tourist country in the world after France. More than fifty million tourists have visited the country in the last three years. Travel has a special place in the Spanish culture with tens of millions of the 42 million Spanish population, traveling inside and outside of the country each year on holidays. 


The visit of Spanish tourism experts to Iran will hopefully open the way for exchanging experience and tourists between the two countries, Amiri stated.


“One of the main objectives of Homa in establishing an office and having direct flights from Tehran to Madrid is exchanging tourists and taking advantage of the potentials of the two countries in this regard.”


“At the moment the most advanced Airbus owned by Iran flies between Tehran and Madrid with a capacity of 208 passengers… in addition to weekly flights to Madrid, Islamic Republic Airlines has fifteen offices across Europe by which passengers are transferred between Europe and Tehran daily,” Amiri says.


Iran is one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world but only one million, 400 thousand tourists out of the world total 700 million tourists visited our country. Experts believe the major reason for this is poor information and advertisement amongst tourists and travel agencies of Iran’s attractions and tourist facilities.


Amiri also mentioned that Homa is standing ready to transfer humanitarian aid from Spain to the victims of the Bam Earthquake.



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