Syrian Christian writer Antoine Bara coming to Iran

TEHRAN, May 7 (MNA) -- Kuwait-based Syrian Christian writer Antoine Bara, author of “Imam Hussein in Christian Ideology”, is scheduled to travel Iran for a visit to the Tehran International Book Fair currently in progress.

Bara has been invited by the International Publishing Company of the Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization (IIDO).

A Persian translation of “Imam Hussein in Christian Ideology” was published by the company in Iran last winter.

“I am a Christian but call on humanity to follow the holiness of Imam Hussein as he is the conscience of all religions,” Bara has once said in an interview.

“Certainly, the loftiest of human principles were generated by the Ashura revolution. Keeping this in mind pushed me to continue writing a book that fatigued me and gave me troubles without other appreciable personal benefits except for the blessing of Imam Hussein (AS).

“By blessing, I mean the fact that the book has been printed over twenty times, and only three of them by me. The book has been printed without my permission by others but I do not mind since I do not consider the book to be my personal property, rather, it belongs to all of humanity the same way that Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) belongs to all of humanity.”


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