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Cooling Tower Electric Motor Selection Guide

Cooling Tower Electric Motor Selection Guide

TEHRAN, Jul. 07 (MNA) – The cooling tower electric motor is a type of three-phase induction motor designed for ventilation and cooling industries. These motors have full protection structure and flange mounting for easy installation.

The electromotor, which is sometimes called motor or dynamo, is responsible for creating the mechanical force necessary to rotate the fan in the cooling tower. In other words, the fan or impeller of the cooling tower is connected to a motor or dynamo in the upper part of the cooling tower. The engine or dynamo in the cooling tower is used from 1 horsepower to 50 horsepower, and its type will be different according to the diameter of the fan and the capacity of the cooling tower.

The gearbox and the belt power transmission system are often considered as the interface between the fan and the motor in water cooling towers, which transmit the power of the motor to the propeller by means of a belt or gear. Gearbox or belt reduction each have advantages and disadvantages in their use. To make it easier to choose this section, we intend to present information about the guide for choosing the right electric motor for the cooling tower in the continuation of this article, at your service, dear readers.

What is a cooling tower electric motor?

Cooling Tower Electromotor

The electric motor of the cooling tower converts the electric power into rotational movement and rotates the propeller and causes the air flow inside the cooling tower. The electric motor of the cooling tower has difficult working conditions and must have the necessary resistance against rain, snow, dust and chemicals.

In various industries and air conditioning systems, cooling towers play an essential role in temperature control and increasing process efficiency. One of the most important parts of the cooling tower is the electric motors of the cooling tower. Choosing and buying the right electric motor for the cooling tower has a direct effect on the efficiency and useful life of the system. Considering the importance of this issue, it is obligatory and necessary to know the key points and important criteria before buying the cooling tower electric motor.

Types of cooling tower electric motors

Single-phase electric motors

  • They convert electrical energy into mechanical energy
  • These motors use a single-phase power supply for their operation
  • Single-phase motors usually produce up to 3 kW of power
  • They have only one alternating voltage
  • There are different types depending on how they are produced and used
  • These motors are more suitable for home and small industrial applications

Three-phase electric motors

  • They use alternating current to produce mechanical energy
  • They are divided into two main types of induction motors and synchronous motors
  • These engines are mostly used in large industries (especially in cases that require higher power and efficiency).
  • Three-phase electric motors for cooling towers are usually squirrel cage type
  • They are produced in different powers

Golden tips for buying a cooling tower electric motor

When choosing and buying a cooling tower electric motor, you should pay attention to a series of points in order to choose an electric motor that will have lower maintenance and repair costs.

The minimum and maximum torque and speed of the cooling tower electric motor

 Due to important issues in cooling tower fan design, the maximum impeller speed should be between 200 and 900 rpm. This is the case when the rotational speed of the electric motor is usually around 1450 rpm. To reduce this speed and turn it into the permissible range, a speed reduction system should be used. In the cooling tower electric motor, the ratio of the diameters of the poles to each other indicates the speed conversion ratio; This means that by changing the size of the money, the speed of the rotation can be adjusted.

With this method, the high speed of the electric motor becomes a suitable speed for the propeller of the cooling tower and the necessary torque for the movement of the propeller can be provided. The use of gearboxes and distance reduction systems not only optimizes the performance of the auxiliary system, but also increases the useful life of the equipment and reduces maintenance costs.

IP cooling tower electromotor

Electromotor IP

One of the standards that is important to evaluate and express the level of protection of these motors against external factors such as dust and moisture is the IP standard of cooling tower electric motor or Ingress Protection.

IP codes are displayed as a combination of two numbers; For example, IP44, IP54, IP55, IP56 and IP65. Of course, it should be said about this standard that the bigger these numbers are, the greater the protection of the electric motor against external factors. These two numbers each represent a specific type of protection:

  1. The first number that indicates the level of protection of the engine against the penetration of foreign bodies and dust. For example, the number 5 indicates that the motor is partially protected from dust.
  2. The second number also indicates the degree of engine protection against water and moisture penetration. For example, the number 6 means that the engine is protected against direct water splash.

The best and most reliable cooling tower electric motor brands

Many companies and factories produce electric motors, in this section we will introduce some of the best brands of electric motors in the market.

  • Motogen electric motor brand
  • AMETEK electric motor brand
  • Siemens electric motor brand
  • Hitachi electric motor brand
  • Danaher Motion electric motor brand
  • FAULHABER GROUP electric motor brand
  • Electric motor brand of General Electric
  • WEG electric motor brand
  • Maxon motor electric motor brand
  • TECO Westinghouse electric motor brand
  • Electrogene electric motor brand

Electrical panel of cooling tower electromotor

Cooling tower electric motor switchboard

Electric motors are one of the widely used electrical devices that are used in many industries. For the correct and safe operation of cooling tower electric motors, it is necessary to use and install electrical panels. These boards are responsible for important tasks, which include the following:

  • Starting and disconnecting and connecting the electric motor

Electrical panels act as a user interface and provide the possibility of turning on and off the electric motor. This feature allows operators to manage the engine easily and with high safety.

  • Preventing damage caused by starting current

When starting the electric motor, the initial current is very high, which can damage the motor. The electrical panel prevents damage to the motor by adjusting and controlling the starting current.

  • Protection against network errors and human errors

In the event of an error in the electrical network or human error, the electrical panels prevent damage to the electric motor by automatically cutting off the current. This feature will also help maintain the health and optimal performance of the engine.

Installation of electrical panels for cooling tower electric motor is not only necessary to start and control the operation of the motor, but also as an effective protector to prevent damages and possible problems. By using a standard and appropriate electrical panel, it is possible to ensure the optimal and long-term performance of electric motors and to minimize maintenance and repair costs.

The price of cooling tower electric motor

The price of the cooling tower electric motor depends on various factors, the most important of which are the type of electric motor, the manufacturing company and its power consumption. These factors make the prices in the market very diverse.

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