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Egypt–Israel ties at ‘high-risk’ over Rafah assault

Egypt–Israel ties at ‘high-risk’ over Rafah assault

TEHRAN, May 13 (MNA) – Egyptian military officials abruptly canceled planned talks with their Israeli counterparts, sources told local Israeli media in occupied lands.

Egyptian military officials abruptly canceled planned talks with their Israeli counterparts, sources told Hebrew outlet I24 on 13 May, as concerns grow over Rafah following Israel’s seizure of the border crossing with Egypt and its ongoing military operations in the city, the Cradle news magazine said on Monday.

Israeli sources “revealed the sudden cancellation, indicating a deepening diplomatic crisis between the two nations,” I24 reported.

One of the sources told the outlet that the Egyptian decision marked a “betrayal,” given the historic cooperation between Cairo and Tel Aviv. 

The cancellations are reportedly a result of the Israeli military operation in Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah, which Egypt has long expressed concern over. 

A senior Egyptian official told the Associated Press on 12 May that Egypt has filed complaints to Israel, the US, and EU states over the situation in Rafah and warned that the decades-old peace treaty between the two could be at “high risk.” This was not the first time that reports circulated saying Egypt threatened to cut ties.

In February, western media cited officials as saying that Egypt threatened to suspend the Camp David Accords if Israel chose to push into Rafah. 

Israeli regime forces stormed and seized control of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt last week. Dozens of civilians, including children, have been killed as jets continue to heavily bombard the southernmost city. Israeli ground troops are now pushing in from the east of Rafah, with fierce clashes raging between the army and the Palestinian resistance. 

Israel has for months been promising an invasion of the city, which it says is Hamas’ final stronghold. 

Last month, reports said Israel had been briefing Egypt on its plans for Rafah and that Cairo was involved in efforts to evacuate the city, which holds over a million besieged Palestinians, most of whom were displaced from other areas of Gaza. 


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