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Russian diplomat:

US anti-Russia sanctions cast doubts on its constructive role

US anti-Russia sanctions cast doubts on its constructive role

TEHRAN, May 02 (MNA) – The US anti-Russian sanctions add to doubts about the constructiveness of Washington’s role in the world, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said, commenting on another package of anti-Russian sanctions.

"Local officials list a variety of measures among "no-other-option steps" to confront Russia. Including absolutely odious and unsubstantiated accusations against the Russian Federation of using chemical weapons," Antonov said.

"Washington seems to not understand that Russia and the Russians cannot be intimidated by such decisions. Local officials do not realize that these illegitimate tricks only scare other states away. In fact, they fertilize doubts about the constructiveness of America’s current role in the world."

The United States, in his words, is seeking "to intimidate our [Russia’s] partners, including China, to block the channels of normal foreign trade cooperation." "It is once again targeting Russian high-tech, transportation, and energy companies, meaning to ‘knock out’ competitors from the markets," he noted, TASS reported.

"The whole world saw another "hodgepodge" of restrictions created by the Administration. This is an example of the series of Russophobic actions taken by the United States in recent days. Among them - a multi-billion dollar "package" of assistance to Kyiv, delivering dangerous long-range ammunition and promises of ephemeral security guarantees for the regime," the Russian ambassador stressed.

On May 1, the US Department of the Treasury unveiled Washington's new package of anti-Russian sanctions. The list of those facing restrictions includes 29 individuals and more than 250 legal entities from several countries. The US authorities say the sanctions target Russia's defense-industrial complex and sources of supplies.

Apart from that, the US Department of State alleged that Russia had used chloropicrin against the Ukrainian army, was the reason to impose sanctions against Russian radiation, chemical, and biological protection troops and two Russian defense ministry’s research institutes.


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