Jan 23, 2024, 2:30 PM

Germany preparing for Russia attack against NATO in 2025

Germany preparing for Russia attack against NATO in 2025

TEHRAN, Jan. 23 (MNA) – Germany is preparing for Russia forces to attack NATO in 2025, according to leaked secret plans, according to Western media's claims.

Secret documents from the German Ministry of Defence reveal a step-by-step doomsday guide on how Russia will escalate the conflict in Ukraine to an all-out war in just 18 months, Daily Mail claimed on Monday.

The leaked plans, published by German newspaper Bild, reveal in detail the path to a Third World War with Putin using Belarus as a launching pad for an invasion - as he did in February 2022 for his war in Ukraine. 

The release of the terrifying documents come just days after Sweden's civil defence minister warned that his country could soon face the prospect of war and urged citizens to join voluntary defence organisations in preparation for a Russian attack. 

And Germany's defence leaders are also taking the threat from Moscow seriously, with the Bundeswehr preparing for a hybrid Russian attack on NATO's eastern flank by the summer of 2025. 

The secret 'Alliance Defence 2025' document details how Russia will mobilise another 200,000 soldiers in Russia before launching a spring offensive against Ukrainian forces in Spring this year. 

By June, amid dwindling Western support and weaponry, Russia would achieve success on the battlefield and make significant advances through Ukraine, according to the leaked documents.


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